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  • Lords of the Pit Team Tactical Tournament 03-2018 Results

    Instead of our second annual StripCon originally planned for around the end of March, we changed to a privately held (and non-advertised) “Team Tactical” event, with eight 3-person teams, for the Chicago and Wisconsin posse. Each 3-person team consisted of Old School, Vintage, and Legacy decks, and while players could not change cards in any deck during the tournament, any player on the team could play any of the decks/seats in any round (to allow switching between decks if one player was discouraged or bored with format, for example).
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  • Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 23: Legacy Champs and Old School at Eternal Weekend

    Part two of a double feature on Eternal Weekend. Today we have Evan Nyquist (HymnYou), Branden Hagen (Seemsgood), and Special Guest from The Taxmen Greg Kraigher (Vintage Greg). We go deeper into Eternal Weekend following last episode’s coverage focusing on Vintage, and pivot to Legacy and our experiences playing at Eternal Weekend 2017. We also talk about the Eternal Central Old School event (118 players), and a some brief thoughts on Vintage.
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  • Hard Work Pays Off – Eternal Weekend 2017 Double Top 8

    Legacy and Vintage are my chosen formats in Magic, and I enjoy them far more than any other, and choose to not play anything else. Because of this, Eternal Weekend is basically my World Championships, so I decided to treat it like it was.
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  • Three In a Row: Top 8 at Eternal Weekend 2017 Old School Tournament

    Some years ago, in daydream ruminations, I began developing a theory about what makes Vintage so compelling, as distinguished from other Magic formats. How can something as intangible and unquantifiable as “fun” be described? Intrigued, I began to formulate a mental catalogue of answers. First, Vintage features high impact, high stakes plays. A minor miscue in a high speed race can result in a severe crash; the same is true of Vintage. Fetching a land at the wrong time can result in Ancestral Recall – or worse – resolving. Given the objectively high power level of the tactics in the format, there is a natural anxiety – and exhilaration – produced from playing the format. Anything and everything can and will happen, and as early as the first turn. There is no passive early game, where nerves are calm and game play sedate. Vintage is high octane. It’s a thrill, and there is a rush.
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  • Spedternal Weekend 2017: An Old School Tournament Report

    It all started back in 1997 at PT Rye. Jamie Parke, Ben Farkas, Joe Weber (whatever_7 on mIRC, try #mtgpro), Lyle Cohen, Adam Lemke, Dennis Speigel and I had been hanging out playing Magic together for years. We were deece(ish), but back then all you had to do was attack before casting your spells and you were a Top 100 player in the world. Two of our own had finally made it to the big time, the Top 8 of the Magic: The Gathering Junior Pro Tour! Ben Farkas and Jamie Parke were playing each other in the semifinals. Jamie ended up beating Farkas after Farkas main phase tapped Jamie’s Cockatrice with Aysen Bureaucrats, only to lose on the crackback from said Cockatrice as he was at 2 (I mean…I mean…). Jamie promptly lost in the finals to one Ron Franke, a fact we make sure he never forgets (even today we occasionally refer to him as Ronald Franke or some variant thereof). Before the finals, Jamie comes out and says that they want to interview him, and we need a team name on the hop. We had always considered ourselves a team, but had yet to formally announce it to the world. The finals of the prestigious Junior World Championships seemed like the perfect place. Joe Weber suggested Team Sped, which fit for a variety of reasons, and we ran with it. And so Team Sped was born. We have been through a lot together over the years: weddings, babies, Mario Kart, McRibs, etc. They remain my best friends to this day.
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  • GenCon 2017 – The Best Games We Saw and Played at GenCon 50

    As in the past few years, this year’s GenCon experience is growing larger and faster, with tons of new games debuting, and some being reskinned and reintroduced. With admission selling out well in advance this year, and over 50,000 unique visitors coming through the “turnstyles” the past couple of years, GenCon is still living up to its billing as “the 4 greatest days in gaming.”
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  • Top 8 at 2016 Vintage Champs NA with White Eldrazi

    Considering this is my first article, I feel compelled to introduce myself. My name is Mike VanDyke. I’m a physics professor from central Texas, and I’ve been playing Magic since 1994. The first tournaments I played in were shortly after the creation of Type 2, and Magic has served as my primary competitive outlet for most of my life.
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  • Old School 93-94 at Eternal Weekend 2016 – Decklists and Photo Report

    The third annual Eternal Central Old School tournament at Eternal Weekend is in the books, with some familiar faces, and a lot of newcomers as well. Players traveled from New Zealand, Spain, Canada, and all over the USA to do battle in the ancient ways. With over 100+ players pre-registered, between last minute withdrawls and no-shows, we had 86 players come out to do battle, making this the largest (yet) Old School 93-94 event held anywhere to date.
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  • Revenge of the Living Dead

    I placed second in the August 2016 Power 9 Challenge with a Vengeful Pharaoh variant of my Pitch Dredge deck. I was streaming the event live, and the video archive can be found in the embedded YouTube playlist at the bottom. But first, a few points of analysis.
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  • The Return of the King: TMD Open 17 Winner’s Report

    Before The Mana Drain Open 17 was announced, I secretly hoped that TMD Open 16 would be the last one, and that I would get to reign as champion unopposed, indefinitely. Upon the announcement of TMD Open 17, part of me was excited to venture back to Connecticut to defend my title, but another part of me was worried that I would not be able to live up to the expectations that my performance at TMD Open 16 had set. At that tournament I didn’t drop a match and was 14-2 in games on the day. All those wins came after the head judge asked me not to play with my newly altered Trinisphere (courtesy of Roland Chang), which prompted me to switch from Martello Shops to Terra Nova 10 minutes before the player meeting, as my Terra Nova list didn’t play Trinisphere.
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  • Unpowered Vintage Eldrazi (aka JacoDrazi) – A Double Tournament Report

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that I recently piloted a fully unpowered Vintage Eldrazi deck to a near Top 8 at the famed NYSE IV tournament in early June. As in no Moxen, no Mishra’s Workshops, and not even a Mana Crypt or Sol Ring – all by choice.
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  • Chicago Old School 93-94 May 2016 – Decklists and Photo Report

    This past weekend the Chicago Old School group hosted a small 93-94 tournament, and we had 15 players show up to battle, including a number of local players, and players from Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Texas!
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  • Excelsior – A Vintage Super League Play-In Report

    “These kids today with their collector numbers and their newfangled tap symbol. Twenty Black Lotuses and twenty Plague Rats. Now that’s real Magic.”

    When I write, I don’t always write ‘in order.’ The introduction isn’t always first. The introduction has always been the easiest part. Not this time. I watched all the Vintage Super League play-in tournament videos again, I wrote an analysis of my games, I added in commentary about playing, my journey in getting better, and what the future could hold, if I work for it. I have provided links for all the videos (the article is best if the videos are seen first). There was still the matter of that introduction though…
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  • Old School Magic 93-94 – Playing Millstone Dreams Control

    (Editor’s Note: The following is a report and deck introduction from Nicholas Rausch, a player and tournament organizer in Ohio, USA.)

    For the last 5 months, I have been tinkering in my workshop, trying to duplicate many things. Triskelions and Factories are the obvious but Juggernauts, Su-Chi, Tetravus, Mana Vaults, Moxen, Basalt Monoliths, Choas Orb, Howling Mines, Ankh of Mishra, Black Vise, Tomes of Jalum and Jayemdae, Ice Manipulator, Tawnos’ Coffin, Ivory Towers, and Time Vaults all have found their doppelgangers on the board. Even lesser constructs like Clockwork Avian, Weakstone, and Skull of Orm have been replicated.

    It’s safe to say, Copy Artifact has consumed me.
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  • Chasing the Dragon – A Worldgorger Weekend

    For those who don’t know me, I’m a long time Vintage player and gamer. I don’t write very often, or post on the Internet, or even play Magic all that much anymore. As Jimmy McCarthy often says, we are now proud members of “Team Vintage Has Been.” I could probably sit here and tell you of the glory days, the SCG Power 9 days, the RIW tournaments, and splitting the same Mox Pearl at the Soldiery like 30 times so that we could all eat at Thurman’s. That would be fun for me, because if there is anything Vintage players have in common, it’s that they love talking about their moments in the sun. But I know you all, and if you’ve ever talked to me, you’ve probably already heard all my tired ass stories.
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  • Old School 93-94 at Eternal Weekend 2015 – Decklists and Photo Report

    The second annual Eternal Central Old School tournament at Eternal Weekend is over, and a huge thank you goes out to everyone who showed up to support Old School. Players traveled from all over the USA, France, Brazil, Germany, Norway, and New Zealand to battle with sweet brews, while drinking craft brews, and it seemed like everyone had a blast. Dozens of players commented things such as “this was the most fun I’ve had playing Magic in 10 years,” to “this was the most fun tournament I’ve ever played in!” This tournament was intentionally casual and old school in feeling, and that was great to hear. Next year will be even bigger and better, with some special surprises in store.
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  • EC Old School 93-94 Tournament Live Coverage

    Below are live pairings, results, and pictures from the second annual Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament, held at Eternal Weekend 2015.
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  • A Reward for Patience – 2nd Place at SCG Cleveland Legacy Premier IQ

    “Have the patience and you’ll be rewarded with an absolutely amazing experience from the tournament where you will never have to say I was unlucky.” — Tomáš Vlček on learning Miracles

    When I heard this listening to Everyday Eternal’s Miracle Men podcast, I thought I was on the verge of such an experience. And then it happened on April 26, 2015 at the SCG Cleveland Legacy Premier IQ.
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  • Team Tusk Presents: Bulletproof Monk

    When Monastery Mentor was spoiled I immediately knew it was the kind of card that could draw me away from my lord and savior, Mishra. Other creature strategies have risen to prominence over the last few years, mainly centered around Delver of Secrets, but I never felt the urge to sleeve the insect up. I’m not a fan of Delver of Secrets as a magic card or the URx shells it resides in for Vintage. My reasoning is that I get so few chances to play paper Vintage, so when I do I don’t want to play a Legacy deck. For this same reason I don’t want to play something like BUG Tempo in Vintage, or Merfolk, even though they may be viable decks. I want to do borderline broken things with my own spells, or I want to oppress others and make them wish they hadn’t gotten in the car that morning. Hence my affinity for Workshops. On the surface, Monastery Mentor seemed to be on a different level of broken than these other creature pillars, so I set out to put a deck together with it.
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  • A Vintage Experience at Prague Eternal – Top 8 Report

    Hello and welcome to my first Vintage article! Vintage? Why would a Legacy fanatic write about Vintage? I had the opportunity to experience this format a few weeks back at the Prague Eternal event, and did rather well while also enjoying myself, and wanted to share that fun with you.
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  • Ovinogeddon 9 Report – 2nd Place with Miracles

    Like many others, I have heard a lot about the legend of Ovinogeddon. It is the second largest non-WotC run Eternal tournament in Europe (only behind the grand Bazaar of Moxen). It takes place every year in Milano, Italy’s most expensive city. Luckily my good friend Igor Panigada, who lives in Prague, is originally from the Lombardia’s capital. He was going and wanted us to attend as well. He told us about extremely cheap return tickets from Easy Jet (they were only 55 Euros!), and got us an amazing hotel not far from metro, only 10 minutes by foot away from the site. He even started and edited a private Facebook page where he told us literally everything we needed to know about Italy, Milano and playing Magic in Italy. Otherwise we wouldn’t have watched several videos about the airport pickpockets, and wouldn’t have researched 25 Top 8s of past Italian Legacy tournaments. It is amazing to have such a friend, so thank you Igor!
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  • So Many Insane Plays – Top 8 at NYSE Open 2, a Tournament Report

    (Editor’s Note: This was originally published by, and has been re-edited and published here for archival purposes, with the approval of the author and
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  • Prague Eternal 2014 Official Tournament Organizer Report

    Dear players, welcome to the official tournament organizer’s report from Prague Eternal 2014! Originally, we wanted to bring you online coverage, but unfortunately, the technical capabilities of our site did not allow us to do that (no WiFi), so we at least bring you a little coverage of what had been going on during the Prague Eternal Weekend.
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  • Prague Eternal 2014 Legacy Report – Only Second Best

    Prague finally has a big Eternal tournament. The organizer, Jan “Zuzy” Zuskač decided to organize something like Ovino or BoM here in our lovely capital, but unlike those other tournaments, this was something a little bit more relaxed. As he said, “by players, for players,” and I must say it was the best Legacy event I have attended in a long time.
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