Keith Adams (aka TheMisprintGuy) – Keith Adams has been collecting and playing Magic: the Gathering since 1995. In 2001, Keith purchased a few misprinted cards, and never looked back. Today, he has one of the world’s largest collections specializing in misprints, test prints, and other hard to find rarities that are almost unheard of, ranging from test prints that pre-date Alpha, to the downright strange items that never should have left the factory.
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Samuel Alaimo – Samuel began playing Magic in 2000, and his first foray into constructed and tournament play started with Odyssey and Onslaught Standard, and bled into Vintage at about the same time. After a brief hiatus from 2010-2015, Samuel has reinvigorated his love of the game through community interaction and commentary. His wealth of knowledge about old tournaments, formats, and card stories can be heard as he hosts and directs of The Mana Drain Vintage League’s stream. Samuel is a huge proponent of Magic as a social and competitive hobby unlike any other, and believes in the future of Magic as a tool to make the world a better place. @hammyboney on Twitter.
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Jonathan Alexander Kurz (aka JONA)
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Jordi Amat Puig (aka PIZZERO) – Co-Founder of Eternal Central, Jordi was one of the first Magic bloggers, penning over 1000 articles, and is a contributor to the Spanish magazine Cantrip. Father of the European Pimp movement, he launched The Luxury Journal in 2011, chronicling luxury outside of Magic. @amatpuig on Twitter.
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Chris Bergeson (aka oneiros76) – 2012 Legacy Champion Chris Bergeson hails from Naperville (IL, USA), and does incredible Magic card alterations. @OneirosAlters on Twitter.
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Jaime Cano (aka dukemtg) – Jaime has played Vintage since 1995, and is a well known player and deck builder in Europe, where he has won or Top 8’ed some of the most prestigious tournaments, like Ovinoggeddon and Bazaar of Moxen. He enjoys playing well with his own creations. @DukeMtg on Twitter.
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Lou Christopher (aka LOU) – Lou Christopher is a former SCG Legacy Open Champion who enjoys playing Legacy and Vintage. He can be found going hard in the Midwest United States. @louchristopher on Twitter.
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Kevin Cron (aka CHA1N5) – A co-host of the So Many Insane Plays podcast, Kevin Cron is a three time Vintage Championship Top 8 competitor (2003, 2013, 2015). @KevinCron on Twitter.
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Magnus de Laval (aka Mg) – A casual aficionado and dabbler of Eternal tech, Mg created the 93/94 format with a friend in 2007. When resorting to formats where Chaos Orb is banned, he prefers Vintage or Legacy, though he’s a self-proclaimed master of RRD and Mental Magic. Outside of Magic, Mg is passionate about craft beer, IT quality, and world cinema. He has also climbed both an active volcano and a glacier. @mgdelaval on Twitter.
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Nick Detwiler (aka Prospero) – Nick Detwiler is the tournament organizer behind the N.Y.S.E. Open series, an administrator on, and a noted Mishra’s Workshop enthusiast and theorist. @NickDetwiler on Twitter.
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James Easteppe – James Easteppe began “playing” Magic in 1994, and at heart is a dirty casual player who enjoys constructed Eternal formats played on kitchen tables — like he did when he was a kid. He has a distaste for the look, feel, and game design of newer cards, and usually sticks to playing older formats like Old School, Vintage, and Legacy. He mostly just shows up for the beer. @HacksMtg on Twitter.
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Rob Edwards (aka A.-1.) – Rob Edwards is a longtime Vintage player and Type 4 enthusiast. A versatile player, he’s found success with Shops, Keeper, TPS, Dredge, and just about everything in between. When not playing Vintage on the East Coast, you can find him working on his next deck idea in Pen Argyl (Pennsylvania, United States).
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Dave Firth Bard (aka bjaden) – Old School Magic enthusiast, active since 2015, event organizer for New England Old School and the 93/94 webcam player community, including the Winter/Summer Derby Series. @dfirthbard on Twitter.
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Danny Friedman – After rekindling his childhood love of Magic, Danny Friedman has been brewing outlandish Vintage decks since 2004. With a persistent footing in the past, he recently put his expansive collection of Alpha cards to work and has become an evangelist of 93/94 Old School Magic. When he isn’t Forking his opponent’s Mind Twist (or casting Accumulated Knowledge for 4), he enjoys listening to records, debating the intricacies of language, and working on his diesel Volkswagen(s). @danny_friedman_ on Twitter.
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JR Goldberg (aka JRGoldman) – JR Goldberg enjoys the finer things in life: Vintage Magic, vinyl records, and professional wrestling from the 70s and 80s. If you got this far down, you probably have already figured out he is terrible at Magic and just falls backwards in to acceptable results. You can follow him on Twitter @wrestlingbubble.
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Benjamin Guillerm (aka Watanabe) – Benjamin Guillerm is part of Team GT in France, and is a longtime Vintage player. He helped pioneer Noble Fish and Empty Jace, among many other decks in Vintage’s history. @GTWata on Twitter.
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Erik Hegemann (aka Brot_Ohne_Kruste) – Erik Hegemann hails from Germany and has been playing Magic since 2000. Specializing in Dredge for the past few years now, Erik placed in the Top 4 in the 2011 Bazaar of Moxen Legacy tournament, and won the 2012 Bazaar of Moxen Vintage tournament!
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Bob Huang (aka akatsuki) – Bob Huang is a huge Legacy aficionado with a background in statistics and math. In Legacy he’s played a variety of different decks in the format, from Affinity to Hive Mind, Sneak and Show, RUG Delver, UWR Delver, Miracles, Reanimator, TES, Merfolk, and Death and Taxes. Originally from the Boston area, Bob currently resides in Northern Virginia, and enjoys playtesting with such luminaries like the great Daniel Signorini and the Hatfield brothers. @silyaznfoo on Twitter.
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Jason Jaco (aka JACO) – Contributor and senior editor, Jaco is also a longtime player, and the CEO of Eternal Central. @JMJACO on Twitter.
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Heiner Litz (aka hlitz) – Heiner Litz starting playing Magic: The Gathering in 1994 when Legends was still around. He misses the days of casual Type 1, where Island of Wak-Wak represented the best way to break Serra Angel standoffs, and Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore’s unblockability was regarded as unfair. Possessing a large Vintage card pool, he is excited about the Old School format, which finally provides him with the excuse of buying lots more expensive, random cards. @hlitz on Twitter.
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Will Magrann – Will Magrann is an accomplished Mishra’s Workshop pilot, a 3 time The Mana Drain Open champion, and the “Will” of Team Dr. WillBerry. @WillMagrann on Twitter.
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Stephen Menendian (aka smmenen) – Stephen is the 2007 Vintage World Champion and VSL Season 1 Champion. He is the longest tenured Vintage writer in the world, and authored the books Understanding Gush: Strategies and Tactics, and Schools of Magic: History of Vintage. @SMenendian on Twitter.
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Anthony Michaels (aka Twaun007) – Hip Hop Aficionado by day and Magic dojo dominator by night, Twaun007 is a long time Vintage player who loves nothing more than grinding his opponents to dust with Smokestack, or playing a first turn Bobby Digital (aka Dark Confidant). When he emerges from his underground lab he can be found around Cleveland (Ohio, USA). @Twaun007 on Twitter.
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Geoff Moes (aka President Skroob) – Just a man. A man who likes plain hamburgers. @ThallidTosser.
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Nat Moes (aka Lochinvar) – Co-host of the Serious Vintage Podcast, Nat Moes lives in Columbus, and plays Magic with Team Serious. Responsible for spreading the plague of Goblin Charbelcher, he has few Magic: the Gathering accolades to speak of aside from a few T8 appearances. @GrandpaBelcher on Twitter.
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Sean O’Brien (aka nedleeds) – Nearly as ancient as Magic itself, Sean earned his scars in the 4 Balance era. The founder of the O’Brien School of Magic, he co-hosts both the Everyday Eternal podcast, and the Tusk Talk podcast. He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and resides in Atlanta. @TeamTuskMTG on Twitter.
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Matt Pavlic (aka sdematt) – University undergrad hoping to enter post-grad, playing Magic in the Great North (aka Canada).
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Adam Pierce (aka ajfirecracker) – Adam is an Eternal enthusiast specializing in Dredge and other unfair decks. He considers himself a student of the game, and hopes to learn along with his audience. @ajfirecracker on Twitter.
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Inaki Puigdollers (aka EGO_SUM) – Inaki Puigdollers is an Eternal enthusiast with a love for Vintage and Legacy, and combo decks in particular. He is an active developer of Storm variants, and most recently placed in the Top 16 at the Bazaar of Moxen 2011 Legacy piloting an innovative build of High Tide.
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Peter Raab (aka Lemnear) – Equipped with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture and a diploma as a construction engineer, this dashing guy is destined to “build” some sick piles! Known best as the author of the Heart of the Storm series, he provides some insight to one of the most complex decks in Legacy: The EPIC Storm. Greatness awaits on Twitter @ValeLemnear
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Guillem Ragull (aka PeAcH) – Playing Magic since The Dark, Guillem began as a multi-format player, but now focuses on Vintage. After collaborating with Spanish Eternal sites, he currently does live coverage of LCV Vintage tourneys & more via Twitter account @peachmtg. He loves beautiful cards as much as he does combo decks.
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Philipp Schönegger (aka Einherjer) – Philipp Schönegger is a Legacy Enthusiast from Austria who made Top 8 in some of the largest tournaments in Magic’s history, including Grand Prix Paris and Grand Prix New Jersey. @Miracle_Dude on Twitter.
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Timo Schünemann (aka TimoSchunemann) – Timo Schünemann is a bad man. Hailing from Germany, he enjoys crushing his Magic opponents with unfair decks, and has been pretty good at it as of late. He won the Grand Prix Ghent 2012 Legacy tournament with UBR ANT, and then a short time later split the win in the big Ovino 7 (2012) with the same 75 card deck! @LIVED22 on Twitter.
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Michael Shimoji (aka mikeduges) – A half-Japanese, half-American who currently lives in Japan, providing some perspective and ideas from the intersection of two completely foreign cultures. Michael loves Legacy and is passionate about spreading the most innovative, skill intensive format. He is also married and has one beautiful daughter who he hopes to inundate with Magic some day. @mikeduges123 on Twitter.
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Richard Sponholz – An Atlanta native, “Spooner” started playing Magic with friends in Invasion block, and discovered tournament play after moving to Charlotte post-college. After deciding “the grind” wasn’t really for him, he jumped into Legacy, 93/94, and eventually Vintage. Vice President of NC’s The Hacks, he’s a fan of aggro and prison strategies. Rich’s favorite formats are whichever ones he gets to eat, drink, and use Strip Mine in. @The_Spoonerman on Twitter.
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Sitharthan Sriharan (aka Dragonslayer_90) – Sith is primarily a Legacy player who has played Magic casually since middle school and competitively since college. His favorite cards are Brainstorm, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and Tendrils of Agony, in that order. In addition to the intellectual stimulation playing and talking about Magic provides, Sith also loves the game’s travel and social opportunities. Outside of playing Magic, he enjoys traveling generally, having been to over 30 countries and still looking forward to seeing more of the world. @Berserker_90 on Twitter.
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Adam Telleen (aka AdamTelleen)
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Owen Turtenwald (aka OWENTURTENWALD) – The 2010 Vintage World Champion, 2011 Player of the Year, and now a Magic Hall of Famer, Owen Turtenwald is a versatile competitor who loves to play and will play nearly any format. He enjoys long walks on the beach with his pet turtle. @OwenTweetenwald on Twitter.
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Nicolas Vaillant (aka NEONICO) – Nicolas Vaillant hails from France, and is a longtime Vintage and Legacy player.
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Mike VanDyke – Mike began playing Magic in 1994, shortly before the release of Fallen Empires. As a professor of physics in central Texas, his analytical tendencies permeate almost every aspect of his life. Most of his free time is spent either deck-building or playing in eternal Magic and Hearthstone tournaments.
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Eric Vergo – Eric Vergo (aka Vergo) started playing Magic in 2000, and dove into Eternal Magic in 2010. His recent finishes at Eternal Weekend 2017 put him on the map, and he is looking to carry that success forward in future tournaments. He can often be seen casting Nimble Mongoose in Legacy and brown cards in Vintage. He sincerely hopes that one day Wizards will un-restrict Gush so he can play GushBond, even though he knows it’s not good. @9thOnBreakers on Twitter.
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Juan Vilar (aka Troin) – Graduated in Computer Engineering, Juan Vilar has been playing Magic for nearly 20 years. He has won many Legacy, Extended, and Modern tournaments throughout Spain and is a big fan of Eternal formats. His unconditional love for Merfolk drew him to fish decks long before Lorwyn, and he was one of the first players sporting them in a Legacy deck. He is all in for fun and everything that surrounds Magic (not just the tournaments), and if you ever happen to play against him in any tournament you’ll have a really good time. Play fair, and let the games begin! @troindx on Twitter.
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Tomáš Vlček (aka koplinchen) – Tomáš is a Legacy player from Czech Republic, and loves to play control decks. His favorite decks are Miracles and BUG Landstill. He has Top 8’ed too many large Legacy tournaments to name.
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West – West has been playing Magic intermittently since 1995 and has been an Old School Magic enthusiast since 2014. He probably should be working on his dissertation. @isthisthenose on Twitter.
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William Winger (aka DubDub) – William Winger is an avid Eternal Magic enthusiast, enjoying Vintage, Legacy and Commander. He is a vocal member of TheManaDrain under the handle DubDub, where he can typically be found agitating on one side of a ‘Vintage Issue.’ William is one of those players who returned after a long hiatus, beginning to play Magic again in 2008 after leaving the game in the 90’s. Apart from Magic William enjoys Ultimate Frisbee and reading Science Fiction. @WilliamWinger on Twitter.
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Jan Zuskač (aka ZUZY) – Playing since 4th Edition (with a break from Mirage to Mirrodin), Jan Zuskac is from Czech Republic near Prague. A fan of Legacy, Vintage, and Japanese Foil cards, Jan has been a tournament organizer of Czech Vintage and Legacy Series since 2007, and is now the Prague Eternal organizer. Notable tournament performances include winning the Morphling Cup 2012 (61 players), and 3rd at Bazaar of Moxen 7 trial (180 players). Founder or and
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