Type 4

Welcome to the home of Type 4 Magic: the Gathering. Type 4 is a unique non-rotating format, filled with the most powerful spells from Magic’s rich 25+ year history, much like Vintage. However, in Type 4, there is a large shared or communal deck (which players can either draft to create smaller individual decks, or all play off of the same stack), and it is better served as a multi-player game (the more the merrier, and crazier!). Oh, and did we mention there are no lands, and players get infinite mana?!

Each builder’s Type 4 stack will be different, with a balance of creatures, tutors, removal, counterspells, and everything else shaped by the owner’s hand. They will dictate the power level by what spells are deemed acceptable or too powerful, and what flavor they want. Generally only the most efficient or powerful spells are going to make it in the stack when facing so much stiff competition from 25+ years of Magic sets, but as you create your own Type 4 stack you’ll find what you and your friends enjoy most. Please enjoy our Type 4 content, found below and throughout our site!