Midwest OS Thrash Bash 10-2022 Organizer’s Report

Editor’s Note: We are happy to host this guest tournament report, authored by upstart tournament organizer and fellow Old School baller Dave Gura, who recently ran the first annual Midwest Thrash Bash.

On October 8, 2022 in South Bend, Indiana, 28 mages descended upon Tippecanoe Place (the Studebaker Mansion) for the first annual Midwest Old School Thrash Bash Tournament. Players represented several regional Old School clubs, including Lords of the Pit, Cleveland Rocs, The Ebon Hand (Cincinnati), Columbus Kobolds, Water Elementals, and Indy Djinns, as well as several unaffiliated hessians who came to thrash.

Tournament Structure and Prizing

Hessians vied for dominance in 5 rounds of Swiss using Eternal Central 94 rules throughout the day. Each participant received a stamped Hymn to Tourach to collect signatures, and several prizes and alters were donated by the community. Special alters were awarded for First Registered (K. Wells), First Blood (K. Wells), Winner (J. Stacko) + Top 4 Swiss (D. Gura, M. Folk, K. Ballantine), and the Most Hesh Deck (B. Limbacher). Two special Hymns were signed and mailed to the two St. Louis Rivermen who were struck by Covid prior to the event and had to withdraw. Thrash Bash participants also had access to a custom food menu and Tippe’s fully stocked bar.

Final Standings After Swiss

In the end, Joe Stacko won 1st Place with a gnarly, quadruple-sleeved Shops brew, taking home the signed Thrash Bash Trophy donated by Brian Limabacher and signed by all participants. Congratulations Joe!


AJ Kelley

Andy Hagans

Andy Smith

Ben Revell

Biagio DeCioccio

Brian Limbacher Most Hesh Deck

Byron Seabolt

Chad Frazier

Colin Moser

Dan Piquard

Dave Gura 2nd Place Swiss

Eric Westfall

Erik Limbacher

Forest Walton

Greg Cummings


Joe Stacko 1st Place Swiss

John Knerr

Jonathan Guillen

Jon Brne

Jon Revell

Kevin Ballantine 4th Place Swiss

Kyle Wells First Blood

Matt Folk 3rd Place Swiss

Matt Moss

Mike Twombly

Scott Hacksworth

Stephen Moore

Tournament Action

Thrash Bash 2022 Participants

Kyle Wells displays First Blood + sandwich

Brian Limbacher accepts the Most Hesh Deck award

Jaco vs. Walton

Moss vs. Seabolt

Gura vs. Piquard, when Sandstorm hits

Chad Frazier takes home a custom Thrashin’ Deck Box made by Brian Limbacher

Guillen vs. Hawksworth

Ben Revell vs. Knerr

Prize Selection

Ballantine comes out of retirement for a Top 4 finish

Signing of cards

Friday Night’s Secret 7 pt. Singleton Hesh Sesh

Till Next Year, Hessians!