Lords of the Pit Team Tactical Tournament Results 08-2022

Mixing it up for a local event once again, the Lords of the Pit organized another privately held (and non-advertised) “Team Tactical” event, with 3-person teams (consisting of Old School 95, Middle School, and Vintage decks). While players and teams could not change cards in any deck during the tournament, any player on the team could play any of the decks/seats in any round (to allow switching between decks if one player was discouraged or bored with format, for example).

In the pandemic era of regular last minute cancellations and substitutions, we were left with 7 full teams standing. Held on August 28th, for this Team Tactical event we changed the initial event structure (5 rounds of Swiss, followed by a cut to the top 2 teams for the finals) on the morning of game day, and just played a full round robin event (7 rounds, one team getting a bye each round, due to the odd number of teams that showed up). If there were any ties in the final standings, a tiebreaker would be the heads up record between teams in question.

There was also a special cocktail menu crafted for the event by yours truly, and the beverages were flowing throughout the day, pizza was ordered, and a memorable day was had by all.

The Teams (and Decks)

Team FFE

Brandon Sanders (Old School 95 – Necro Lich)

Ben Jones (Middle School – Pox)

Dane Malone (Vintage – Depths BG)

Team Necro

Greg Kotscharjan (Old School 95 – Atog)

Lorien Elleman (Middle School – UW Control)

Bob Agra (Vintage – Oath)

Tactical Briefcase Nukes

Jaco (Old School 95 – Necro Dreams)

Jimmy McCarthy (Middle School – Elves RG)

Brandon Adams (Vintage – Doomsday)

Overlords of Bloodfield

Greg Cummings (Old School 95 – Necro Mirror)

Mike Twombly (Middle School – Elves)

Joe Stacko (Vintage – Tinker Breach UBR)

Hellfire Club

Chet Miller (Old School 95 – Mono Green)

Anthony Zinni (Middle School – Battle of Wits)

Ray Mattson (Vintage – Oath)

Steely 3

Matt Moss (Old School 95 – Reanimator BUG)

Carter Petray (Middle School – Mono Red)

Tim Baran (Vintage – Zenith BUG)

All City

James Tork (Old School 95 – UR Burn)

Dan Rech (Middle School – Mono Red Midrange)

Brad (Vintage – Tinker Breach UBR)


After the dust settled on a full day of round robin matches, one team was left with an unblemished 7-0 record, and TACTICAL BRIEFCASE NUKES were crowned the victors.


Round 1 Action
Rech (Mono Red Midrange) vs Elleman (UW Control)

Malone (Depths BG) vs Stacko (Tinker Breach UBR)

Cummings (Necro Mirror) vs Sanders (Necro Lich)

Agra (Oath) vs Brad (Tinker Breach UBR)

Baran (Zenith BUG) vs Adams (Doomsday)

Sanders winning Chaos Orb flip in overtime as the match tiebreaker

Round 2 Action
Agra (Oath) vs Malone (Depths BG)

Jaco (Necro Dreams) vs Miller (Mono Green)

Cummings (Necro Mirror) vs Tork (UR Burn)

Stacko (Tinker Breach UBR) vs Brad (Tinker Breach UBR)

Round 3 Action
Jaco (Necro Dreams) vs Moss (Reanimator BUG)

Round 4 Action
Moss (Reanimator UBR) vs Elleman (Atog)

Agra (Oath) vs Baran (Zenith BUG)

Stacko (Tinker Breach UBR) vs Mattson (Oath)

Sanders (Necro Lich) vs Jaco (Necro Dreams)

Round 5 Action
Stacko (Tinker Breach UBR) vs Baran (Zenith BUG)

Moss (Reanimator BUG) vs Cummings (Necro Mirror)

Agra (Oath) vs Mattson (Oath)

Brad (Tinker Breach UBR) vs Adams (Doomsday)

Round 6 Action
Jaco (Necro Dreams) vs Cummings (Necro Mirror), and McCarthy (Elves RG) vs Twombly (Elves)

Moss (Reanimator BUG) vs Sanders (Necro Lich)

Team FFE vs Steely 3