Old School at Eternal Weekend 2019 Coverage and Results

The sixth annual Eternal Central Old School at Eternal Weekend tournament is in the books, and was one for the ages. After subtracting late drops and no shows, and then piecing in a few late additions, a record setting 196 Magicians played Old School in the great state of Pennsylvania, making this once again the largest gathering of its kind yet held anywhere in the world.

Returning to the storied Elks Lodge 336 for a second year, players from half a dozen countries and umpteen United States enjoyed cheap drinks and food on demand all afternoon and evening. Once again we wiped the Elks Lodge out of all available food, and copious amounts of booze.

The tournament was able to raise a substantial amount for charity, which will be donated to PAWS Chicago, a 501(c)3 charity focused on implementing solutions to end the killing of homeless pets and create a No Kill Chicago. Special thanks must go to Lord Agra, who always helps tournament operations run smoothly on the back end, with little fanfare.

Special thanks must also go out to Matt Dennis, Jason Schwartz, Mike Frantz, Josh Burgoa, Joey Combs, Dan Frazier, Jimmy Cooney, and our friends in Italy who organize the Fishliver Oil Cup, all for their generous donations to our wonderful prize pool and charity raffles. Thank you also to everyone who donated, attended, and purchased raffle tickets on game day. The animals thank you for your help.

While originally scheduled to run as SWISS+1, the event was run as straight SWISS on game day due to time constraints, which meant eight 50 minute Swiss rounds, using Eternal Central’s recommended Old School 93-94 rules, with no draws allowed (and Sudden Death Chaos Orb flipping if any matches went to time). As we continue to emphasize, the point of Old School is to play Old School, meet new friends, and catch up with old ones.

This year’s event featured many recognizable archetypes like RUG, Workshop Aggro, The Deck, Pink Weenie, Dreams Combo, and more. But it also featured a ton of creative decks, as you’ll see in the Metagame Breakdown section below, which has a sortable table and search function that you can use, and every player’s deck is shown in the decklist section below.

Pairings, and Final Standings After Swiss

Round 1 Pairings
Round 2 Pairings
Round 3 Pairings
Round 4 Pairings
Round 5 Pairings
Round 6 Pairings
Round 7 Pairings
Round 8 Pairings

Final Standings After Swiss

Metagame Breakdown

Here is a sortable table that shows all players and associated decks played (you can sort by name, deck type, or prize awarded)

First NameLast NameDecklist PhotoAwarded
BobAgraUWR Skies ACSwiss 13 Place
LucasAllisonEhrnamGeddon GWB
MichaelAmesRW Shahrazad Aggro
DanielAnschutzCandleFlare Gauntet Surge
ThomasAshbyBlack White Preacher + Lord of the PitMost Creative 15 Place
AndyBaqueroBait and Switch (Lure, False Orders, Thicket Basilisk, Cockatrice)Most Creative 05 Place
TrevorBartlettBig Pink
TristanBatesAtog 5C
LeviBaumgardner4C Aggro
JasonBeaupreBlack Red Immolated Dwarves
PaulBlakeleyDreams Combo 5C
PetrBocakBWU Aggro
BrianBogdonBRU Aggro
GeorgeBooneLegendary Legends (4C Singleton Legends)Most Creative 16 Place
RyanBorashanMono Black
DaveBorutaUW Zoo
JoelBowersAtog 5C
ScottBradleyBasalt and Battery (Power Monolith Prison Combo)Most Creative 03 Place
JonathanBrne4C Aggro Control
MarkBrothersErhnamGeddon 5C
GeneBrumbyGuardian Beast Control UBR
JonathanBrummerMillstone Control
DamyanBrunsonBRU Rack
DustinBuckinghamUWB Aggro ControlSwiss 05 Place
JoshBurgoaRUG Berserk
MichaelButzenWorkshop Aggro UW
AndrewCallaghanDreams Combo UBRSwiss 15 Place
PaulCallisBRU AggroSwiss 10 Place
RubensCampanaMono Black
Carlos EduardoCardoso GalhardoGoblins Mono Red
NickChenNaya Bazaar Zoo
JeremyChernickBWU Aggro
JeremyChienEureka Mirror Lich ComboMost Creative Honorable Mention
SimonChristieURB ControlSwiss 04 Place
DustinClarkMillstone DreamsHardest Partier
LyleCohenGoblins RU
JoeyCombsUR Aggro
JamesCooneyRB Dwarves and Derelors
CyrusCorman-GillMono Black
DanielCowlingBRW AggroSwiss 06 Place
DavidCraigErhnamGeddon GW
WardCraneBlack White
DaveCrowleyAtog RW
BryanDanielsMono Black
PaulDeeganDreams Combo UBR
MatthewDennisBlack Red Storm World Winds of MephistophelesMost Creative Honorable Mention
PaulDeSilva5C ZooSwiss 02 Place
AlexDeVriesTaxEdge RW
BiagioDi CioccioDreams Combo 4C
NicholasDickersonKobolds RG
EricDo CoutoBWU Aggro
JasonDormanBRU Aggro
DanielDunawayMono Black
JamesEasteppeThe Deck
LorienElleman4C Aggro
KevinElliottRWU Ydwen.dec
DrewEpsteinIndustrial Revolution (Hazezon Tamar, Fastbond, Swords of the Ages)Most Creative 12 Place
BrianEspinozaMono Black
JamesEversonBR Nether Void Land Destruction
GabrielFarkasBlack White
AlanFinney4C Troll AggroSwiss 16 Place
OwenFletcherGreen Red Alpha 75
AndrewFrankGrixis Moon Stompy
MikeFrantzInvisible DjinnMost Creative Honorable Mention
ArturoGarciaBUG Aggro
JohnGehlingGoblins Mono Red
ChristopherGeorgeGoblins RU
William DairGrantMono Blue Juxtapose w/Transformational Stasis SideboardMost Creative 13 Place
MattGuidoDreams Combo 4C
CharlesHahnYawgmoth's Buffet (Yawgmoth's Demon, Argivian Archaeologist)Most Creative 04 Place
MattHahn4C Zoo
RyanHobbsChannelBall 4C Aggro
BryanHockeyThe Deck
NicholasIrelandRUG Storm Seeker Aggro Control
RajahJames5C MirrorLichBall
BrianJonesMono Black
JoshJonesEquilibrium Armageddon ControlMost Creative 14 Place
AdamJourdanBlack Blue Aggro
BenKatzUWB Aggro ControlSwiss 12 Place
RyanKeachWorkshop Aggro UB
DanielKelly5C Aggro Control
MichaelKieselBlack Red Aggro
CharlesKleinTitania's Prison 4C
MikeKlementsMerfolk Berserk UG PumpMost Creative 10th Place
PatrickKlineGoblins 5C
JohnKnerrRUG Zoo
MichaelKochisGoblin RUW
JaredKohlerUGW ZooSwiss 14 Place
JasonKoreskoWorkshop Aggro RUG
GregKotscharjanPink Moon
PaulKovalovBWU Aggro
WenzelKrautmannURB Aggro Control
SamKrohlowPower Monolith 5C
PeterLankeringBWU Aggro
DavidLeeTroll Disco BRU
AdamLemkeWhirly Dirvy Conspiracy (Sleight of Mind, Dervish, Northern Paladin)Most Creative 06 Place
JaredLentzBlack Red Nether Void Land Destruction
BrianLimbacherCoffin ControlMost Creative Honorable Mention
ErikLimbacherMono Green
JeffreyLiuDemonic Energy (Demonic Hordes + Instill Energy)Most Creative 11 Place
WillMagrannAtog URBSwiss 01 Place
DaneMaloneDruid's Gate (Gate to Phyrexia, Thelonite Druid, Sindbad)Most Creative 01 Place
BryanManolakosLiving Plane Control
MatthewMarmoratoGR Land Destruction
AndrewMattus4C Black Aggro
DanielMayoAtog 4C
BrendenMcBainGoblins Mono Red
JimmyMcCarthyNaya Bazaar Zoo
ChrisMcCubbin4C Zoo
JoshMcCurleyUW Aggro Control
StevenMcGrewBRW Rack
MichaelMcLaughlinWRB Aggro
AndrewMcLennanBUG Artist Proof AggroMost Creative 07 Place
JakeMcLeodBlack Red Aggro
JayMcLeodMono Blue UrzaTron
DouglasMcMahonRe-Scrambled Eggs (Ashnod's Altar, Rukh, Guardian Beast, Disk)Most Creative 09 Place
PJMeliesTitania's Prison WG
StephenMenendianURB Aggro Control
MattMessaGoblins Mono Red
JoelMickWorkshop Aggro UBR
RaymondMitchellTaxEdge 5C
JohnathanMondelDreams Combo 5C
NicholasMontaquillaGoblins Mono Red
SamuelMoodyFlareSurge Barbs RG
SamuelMorrealeWRU Zoo
ShaneMottBUG Artifact Aggro
BenjaminMurfinErnie at the Disco (RG Troll Disco)
SummerNewettBlack White Aggro
JimNoonanUWG Aggro
ChrisO'HanlonWhite Weenie
JamieParke5C Storm Seeker Burn
WillParshallAtog URBSwiss 09 Place
JasonPaulGoblins RBU
ConnorPayneTitania's Plane PrisonMost Creative Honorable Mention
FrankPedotaUWR Zoo
ChrisPepin75KhabalGhouls.dec (Khabal Ghoul + All Hallow's Eve Combo)Most Creative 08 Place
DonPerrienUR Control
MichaelPhillipsMono Black
DanielPiquardPink Disco
JohnPoggemeyerMono Black
IanPoperBlack Blue Aggro Control
SebastianRauskolbMono Black
JoeReuschelAtogless 4C-Atog Aggro
BenRevellAll-In Reanimator
JonRevellRUG Zoo
MatthewRhettBRU Aggro
SethRoncoroni5C ZooSwiss 08 Place
MadelineRoseThe Deck
RyanSala4C Black Aggro
JonathanSalemUWB Hive Control
MichaelScheffenackerAtog URBSwiss 03 Place
JustinSchrankNaya Bazaar Zoo
JasonSchwartzBlack Blue Alpha Aggro
FernandoSeccoThe Deck
ShaneSemmensPower Monolith
DerekShankUWR Zoo
JasonShawCandleFlare Ring of Ma'Ruf
RichShayWorkshop Aggro UBR
MichaelSimpsonWorkshop Aggro UBR
PeterSimpson4C Zoo
DennisSpiegelHomarid Spawning Bed + Fallen AngelMost Creative 02 Place
JosephStackoDreams Combo 5C
ThomasSutherlandMono Black
AndySwaffarWorkshop Aggro UWB
ThomasSwindellAtog 5C
JesseSwitzer4C Control
John MarkTadena5C Gauntlet Big RedMost Creative Honorable Mention
JonnyTeigesserPower Monolith 5C
ChadTeuscherRUG Tempo
MattThomasCandleFlare RGB
LukeTooker4C Zoo
NamTranWorkshop Aggro UBRSwiss 07 Place
BrianTweedyErhnamGeddon GW
PezUnholyWorkshop Aggro UWR
BrianUrbanoWorkshop Aggro UW
MichaelVanDykeAtog 4C
BrianVegsoRUG Zoo
RobertVincentCandleFlare RW
KyleWellsErhnamGeddon GW
AaronWestStory Time (Shahrazad UWR)
JeffWestWhite Weenie
JeffWhiteURB Fork AggroSwiss 11 Place
JohnWhiteRed Green Erhnam
BrianWilsonTitania's Prison WGB
TimWinterRUG Storm Seeker Burn
CraigWinzerRUG Zoo
BrendanYeatsPink Weenie
StuartZiarnikGoblins Mono Red

ALL Decks, Alphabetically, by Last Name

Bob Agra – UWR Skies AC Swiss 13 Place

Lucas Allison – ErhnamGeddon GWB

Michael Ames – RW Shahrazad Aggro

Daniel Anschutz – CandleFlare Gauntet Surge

Thomas Ashby – Black White Preacher + Lord of the Pit Most Creative 15 Place

Andy Baquero – “Bait and Switch” (Lure + False Orders + Thicket Basilisk + Cockatrice) Most Creative 05 Place

Trevor Bartlett – Big Pink

Tristan Bates – Atog 5C

Levi Baumgardner – 4C Aggro

Jason Beaupre – Black Red Immolated Dwarves

Paul Blakeley – Dreams Combo 5C

Petr Bocak – BWU Aggro

Brian Bogdon – BRU Aggro

George Boone – Legendary Legends (4C Singleton Legends) Most Creative 16 Place

Ryan Borashan – Mono Black

Dave Boruta – UW Zoo

Joel Bowers – Atog 5C

Scott Bradley – Basalt and Battery (Power Monolith Prison Combo) Most Creative 03 Place

Jonathan Brne – 4C Aggro Control

Mark Brothers – ErhnamGeddon 5C

Gene Brumby – Guardian Beast Control UBR

Jonathan Brummer – Millstone Control

Damyan Brunson – BRU Rack

Dustin Buckingham – UWB Aggro Control Swiss 05 Place

Josh Burgoa – RUG Berserk

Michael Butzen – Workshop Aggro UW

Andrew Callaghan – Dreams Combo BRU Swiss 15 Place

Paul Callis – BRU Aggro Swiss 10 Place

Rubens Campana – Mono Black

Carlos Eduardo Cardoso Galhardo – Goblins Mono Red

Nick Chen – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Jeremy Chernick – BWU Aggro

Jeremy Chien – Eureka Mirror Lich Combo Most Creative Honorable Mention

Simon Christie – URB Control Swiss 04 Place

Dustin Clark – Millstone Dreams Hardest Partier

Lyle Cohen – Goblins RU

Joey Combs – UR Aggro

James Cooney – RB Dwarves and Derelors

Cyrus Corman-Gill – Mono Black

Daniel Cowling – BRW Aggro Swiss 06 Place

David Craig – ErhnamGeddon GW

Ward Crane – Black White

Dave Crowley – Atog RW

Bryan Daniels – Mono Black

Paul Deegan – Dreams Combo UBR

Matthew Dennis – Black Red Storm World Winds of Mephistopheles Most Creative Honorable Mention

Paul DeSilva – 5C Zoo Swiss 02 Place

Alex DeVries – TaxEdge RW

Biagio Di Cioccio – Dreams Combo 4C

Nicholas Dickerson – Kobolds RG

Eric Do Couto – BWU Aggro

Jason Dorman – BRU Aggro

Dominic Dotterrer – Stasis

Daniel Dunaway – Mono Black

James Easteppe – The Deck

Lorien Elleman – 4C Aggro

Kevin Elliott – RWU Ydwen.dec

Drew Epstein – “Industrial Revolution (Hazezon Tamar + Fastbond + Swords of the Ages)” Most Creative 12 Place

Brian Espinoza – Mono Black

James Everson – BR Nether Void Land Destruction

Gabriel Farkas – Black White

Alan Finney – 4C Troll Aggro Swiss 16 Place

Owen Fletcher – Green Red Alpha 75

Andrew Frank – Grixis Moon Stompy

Mike Frantz – Invisible Djinn Most Creative Honorable Mention

Arturo Garcia – BUG Aggro

John Gehling – Goblins Mono Red

Christopher George – Goblins RU

Gregg Graham – Eureka

William Dair Grant – Mono Blue Juxtapose w/Transformational Stasis Sideboard Most Creative 13 Place

Matt Guido – Underworld Dreams Combo 4C

Charles Hahn – “Yawgmoth’s Buffet” (Yawgmoth’s Demon + Argivian Archaeologist) Most Creative 04 Place

Matt Hahn – 4C Zoo

Michael Hartog – TaxEdge

Ryan Hobbs – ChannelBall 4C Aggro

Bryan Hockey – The Deck

Nicholas Ireland – RUG Storm Seeker Aggro Control

Rajah James – 5C MirrorLichBall

Brian Jones – Mono Black

Josh Jones – Equilibrium Armageddon Control Most Creative 14 Place

Adam Jourdan – Black Blue Aggro

Ben Katz – UWB Aggro Control Swiss 12 Place

Ryan Keach – Workshop Aggro UB

Daniel Kelly – 5C Aggro Control

Michael Kiesel – Black Red Aggro

Charles Klein – Titania’s Prison 4C

Mike Klements – Merfolk Berserk UG Pump Most Creative 10th Place

Patrick Kline – Goblins 5C

John Knerr – RUG Zoo

Michael Kochis – Goblin RUW

Jared Kohler – UGW Zoo Swiss 14 Place

Jason Koresko – Workshop Aggro RUG

Greg Kotscharjan – Pink Moon

Paul Kovalov – BWU Aggro

Wenzel Krautmann – URB Aggro Control

Sam Krohlow – Power Monolith 5C

Peter Lankering – BWU Aggro

David Lee – Troll Disco BRU

Adam Lemke – “Whirly Dirvy Conspiracy” (Sleight of Mind + Dervish + Northern Paladin) Most Creative 06 Place

Jared Lentz – Black Red Nether Void Land Destruction

Brian Limbacher – Coffin Control Most Creative Honorable Mention

Erik Limbacher – Mono Green

Jeffrey Liu – Demonic Energy (Demonic Hordes + Instill Energy) Most Creative 11 Place

Will Magrann – Atog URB Swiss 01 Place

Dane Malone – “Druid’s Gate” (Gate to Phyrexia + Thelonite Druid + Ley Druid) Most Creative 01 Place

Bryan Manolakos – Living Plane Control

Matthew Marmorato – GR Land Destruction

Andrew Mattus – 4C Black Aggro

Daniel Mayo – Atog 4C

Brenden McBain – Goblins Mono Red

Jimmy McCarthy – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Chris McCubbin – 4C Zoo

Josh McCurley – UW Aggro Control

Steven McGrew – BRW Rack

Michael McLaughlin – WRB Aggro

Andrew McLennan – BUG Artist Proof Aggro Most Creative 07 Place

Jake McLeod – Black Red Aggro

Jay McLeod – Mono Blue UrzaTron

Douglas McMahon – “Re-Scrambled Eggs” (Ashnod’s Altar + Rukh + Guardian Beast + Disk) Most Creative 09 Place

PJ Melies – Titania’s Prison WG

Stephen Menendian – URB Aggro Control

Matt Messa – Goblins Mono Red

Joel Mick – Workshop Aggro UBR

Raymond Mitchell – TaxEdge 5C

Johnathan Mondel – Dreams Combo 5C

Nicholas Montaquilla – Goblins Mono Red

Samuel Moody – FlareSurge Barbs RG

Samuel Morreale – WRU Zoo

Shane Mott – BUG Artifact Aggro

Benjamin Murfin – Ernie at the Disco (RG Troll Disco)

Summer Newett – Black White Aggro

Jim Noonan – UWG Aggro

Chris O’Hanlon – White Weenie

Jamie Parke – 5C Storm Seeker Burn

Will Parshall – Atog URB Swiss 09 Place

Jason Paul – Goblins RBU

Connor Payne – Titania’s Plane Prison Most Creative Honorable Mention

Frank Pedota – UWR Zoo

Chris Pepin – 75KhabalGhouls.dec (Khabal Ghoul + All Hallow’s Eve Combo) Most Creative 08 Place

Don Perrien – UR Control

Benjermin Perry – Eureka

Michael Phillips – Mono Black

Daniel Piquard – Pink Disco

John Poggemeyer – Mono Black

Ian Poper – Black Blue Aggro Control

Patrick Quinn – Stasis

Sebastian Rauskolb – Mono Black

Joe Reuschel – Atogless 4C Atog Aggro

Ben Revell – All-In Reanimator

Jon Revell – RUG Zoo

Matthew Rhett – BRU Aggro

Charles Rolko – Eureka

Seth Roncoroni – 5C Zoo Swiss 08 Place

Madeline Rose – The Deck

Ryan Sala – 4C Black Aggro

Jonathan Salem – UWB Hive Control

Michael Scheffenacker – Atog URB Swiss 03 Place

Jason Schiffman – Stasis

Justin Schrank – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Jason Schwartz – Black Blue Alpha Aggro

Fernando Secco – The Deck

Shane Semmens – Power Monolith

Derek Shank – UWR Zoo

Jason Shaw – CandleFlare Ring of Ma’Ruf

Rich Shay – Workshop Aggro UBR

Michael Simpson – Workshop Aggro UBR

Peter Simpson – 4C Zoo

Dennis Spiegel – Homarid Spawning Bed + Fallen Angel Most Creative 02 Place

Joseph Stacko – Dreams Combo 5C

Thomas Sutherland – Mono Black

Andy Swaffar – Workshop Aggro UWB

Thomas Swindell – Atog 5C

Jesse Switzer – 4C Control

John Mark Tadena – 5C Gauntlet Big Red Most Creative Honorable Mention

Jonny Teigesser – Power Monolith 5C

Chad Teuscher – RUG Tempo

Matt Thomas – CandleFlare RGB

Luke Tooker – 4C Zoo

Nam Tran – Workshop Aggro UBR Swiss 07 Place

Brian Tweedy – ErhnamGeddon GW

Pez Unholy – Workshop Aggro UWR

Brian Urbano – Workshop Aggro UW

Michael VanDyke – Atog 4C

Brian Vegso – RUG Zoo

Robert Vincent – CandleFlare RW


Kyle Wells – ErhnamGeddon GW

Aaron West – Story Time (Shahrazad UWR)

Jeff West – White Weenie

Jeff White – URB Fork Aggro Swiss 11 Place

John White – Red Green Erhnam

Brian Wilson – Titania’s Prison WGB

Tim Winter – RUG Storm Seeker Burn

Craig Winzer – RUG Zoo

Brendan Yeats – Pink Weenie

Stuart Ziarnik – Goblins Mono Red

Tournament Action and Wrapup

The hashtag for social media for the event was #ECOldSchool2019, which you can use to find more on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Thank you to everybody who came out to play, and we hope to see you again soon. As we move forward experimenting with more changes we hope to make each event more unique and fun. For any corrections, comments, or follow up, please email eternal.central@gmail.com. Below are just some of the sweet action and community pics from the day.

Main Floor Action

Basement Action

Bar Action

The Swamp King

Mad Style

Arm Wrestling to See Who Goes First

Shaman Ben

Ydwens Rule

California Represents

Studying Most Creative Deck Technology

Most Creative Trophy, graciously donated by Matt Dennis and the Underworld Dreamers

“The Finals” – Magrann vs. DeSilva

Your 2019 Old School Champion, Will Magrann