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Tournament and Swiss Event Software

MTGArena (free web tournament organizing application)
Wizards Event Reporter (WER) Download
Wizards Event Reporter (WER) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
WER Tutorial 1 (YouTube), WER Tutorial 2 (YouTube), WER Tutorial 3 (YouTube), WER Tutorial 4 (YouTube)
Increase or Decrease Rounds in WER After Tournament has Started
DCI Reporter (Deprecated) Resources
TiebreakerJS (free web app)
Challonge (free web app, for single elim, double elim, round robin tournaments)
Swiss Triangle (free web app, for round/prize count)
Top 8 Predictor (free web app, simply predicts cut to Top 8)
Magic Assistant Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Comprehensive Magic Rules
Infraction Procedure Guide (IPG)
Magic Tournament Rules (MTR)
Judging at Regular Rules Enforcement (JAR)
Missed Triggers Guide (MTR)

Old School 93-94 Rules
Old School 95 Rules
Old School 96 Rules
Middle School Rules
Classic Magic Rules
Vintage Deck Construction Rules
Legacy Deck Construction Rules
Modern Deck Construction Rules
Commander (EDH) Deck Construction Rules
Other Formats and Rules

Event Calendar

All Eternal Central affiliated or promoted events can be found on our Events page here.


For decklist submission for a current or upcoming EC event, please email your deck photo (including your full name and the title of the tournament) to:

For written PDF decklists for non-EC events where a decklist picture is not required, you can download a fillable PDF decklist form here.


Pairings for each round of an Eternal Central can be found in real time during a tournament on the Pairings page here.