Relic War IV Old School 93-94 Coverage and Results

After a few year hiatus due to COVID-related issues, the Lords of the Pit recently hosted their fourth annual Relic War, which is a private tournament for charity held in Chicago that utilizes the Swedish Old School Banned and Restricted List and rules (no Mana Burn, for example), but with a more liberalized reprint policy, shall we say.

This year’s event was held on February 11th at DMen Tap in Chicago, and raised over $380 for Open Book, a non-profit organization that works to build home libraries for under-resourced Chicago children. The scene was lively, and 5 rounds of Swiss+1. At the end of the day, fellow Lord Bob Agra was crowned Champion, going 4-1 with his version of UWB Aggro Control, besting some other noble Lords on tiebreakers.

Final Standings

Decklists, Alphabetically, by Last Name

Bob Agra – UWB Aggro Control

Tim Baran – All American Maze Control

Robert Beedle – Berserk Stompy

Ian Blank – Dreams Combo 5C

Matt Braun – Atog RUG

Lorien Elleman – UWB Aggro Control

Dave Gura – Dreams Prison BW

Scott Hawksworth – Ernhamgeddon GW

Jaco – TwiddleVault 5C

Ben Jones – Counter Burn Troll URB

Andy MacDougall – RUG Channel

Ray Mattson – Atog BerserkerNaut

Chet Miller – Ankh Merfolk

Dan Piquard – TaxEdge 5C

Nick Rohr – RUG Flyers

Shane Semmens – 5C Swedish Pizza

David Velasco – Twiddle Turns Tog

Robert Vincent – Atog Mono Red


Tournament Action and Wrapup

Semmens vs. Piquard

Baran vs. Rohr

Beedle vs. Velasco

Gura vs. Vincent

Semmens vs. Elleman

Braun vs. Rohr

Piquard vs. Jones

Beedle vs. Gura

Mattson vs. Baran

Semmens vs. Agra

Hawksworth vs. Piquard

Thank you to everybody who came out to play, and we hope to see you again soon. Thanks for reading!