Madison Offensive 2024 Old School 93-94 Coverage

What began years ago as an annual trek to Madison to loop in more of the Wisconsin folks to play Old School grew into something much larger and more refined. After a few years the Madison Offensive had become a spring rite and gathered people from across the nation. In 2020 we pulled it back a bit and handed out some regional club invites to experiment with another multi-format Team Tactical event, which is always enjoyable. The great COVID disaster and ensuing years put the annual scheduled Madison event on indefinite hold.

This year’s gathering was a very short notice private event, and returning to the original roots of the Madison Offensive, this year’s group of attendees was entirely composed Lords of the Pit crew and close friends. There was no public announcement, as we wanted to simply rendezvous in Madison without fanfare for an afternoon and evening, jam some games, and perhaps imbibe some tasty German beer along the way. 11 adeptly trained and battle-tested wizards gathered at the Rathskeller in the student union building in Madison in late January, once again returning to the ancient ways of Eternal Central’s Old School 93-94 format.

Pairings and Standings

Pairings and Final Standings
The event featured 5 rounds of Swiss, which was plenty more than required for numerical purposes, because the wizards convened to test their mettle. Carter Petray was the lone undefeated mage on the day, vanquishing all on-comers with his 5 color Stasis deck.

First Place Prize

Your Lone Madison Offensive 2024 Undefeated (and Winner), Carter Petray!

The Decks (Alphabetically, by Last Name)

Tim Baran (5C Trolls)

Grant Castleton (RUG Channel)

Lorien Elleman (UWB Aggro Control)

Jaco (UWB Workshop)

Jeremiah Mohr (Dreams Aggro BRU)

Matt Moss (RUG Aggro)

Carter Petray (5C Stasis Combo)

Matt S (4C Aggro)

Shane Semmens (Reanimator)

Robert Vincent (Mono Green)

Michael Walker (Mono Green)

Tournament Action and Wrapup

Local Conditions

Warming Up to Play for the Day

Legendary Greenbush Bakery Apple Fritters

Group Signing Some Cards, Per Usual

Castleton (RUG Channel) vs. Baran (Troll)

Semmens (Reanimator) vs. Vincent (Mono Green)

Baran (5C Trolls) Vs. Mohr (Dreams Aggro BRU)

Walker (Mono Green) vs. Castleton (RUG Channel)

Matt S (4C Aggro) vs. Baran (5C Trolls)

Petray (5C Stasis Combo) vs. Jaco (UWB Workshop)

Castleton (RUG Channel) vs. Semmens (Reanimator)

Moss (RUG Aggro) vs. Elleman (UWB Aggro Control)

Vicent (Mono Green) vs. Petray (5C Stasis Combo)

Matt S (4C Aggro) vs. Jaco (UWB Workshop)

Walker (Mono Green) vs. Mohr (Dreams Aggro BRU)

Semmens (Reanimator) vs. Elleman (UWB Aggro Control)

Moss (RUG Aggro) vs. Baran (5C Trolls)

Castleton (RUG Channel) vs. Petray (5C Stasis)

Walker (Mono Green) vs. Vincent (Mono Green)

Essen Haus Afterparty

As has become tradition, after the Madison Offensive main event, many of the wizards would go on to later convene in the evening at Essen Haus for dinner, and to duel in contests of Old School 95 and other games of choice. Essen Haus is a lively evening haunt, known for its German food and beer, live music, and rambunctious crowds. We didn’t get many pictures here, but the Old School 95 games were very entertaining.

Essen Haus Afterparty Power Gaming

Matt S (OS95 Lumberjack Channel-Fireball Combo) vs. Semmens (Llurgoyf Reanimator)

Semmens (OS95 Llurgoyf Reanimator) vs. Baran (Necropotence)

Petray (OS95 5C Stasis Combo) vs. Matt S (OS95 Lumberjack Channel-Fireball Combo)

The Malort Build

Thank you to everybody who came out to play, and we hope to see you again soon. As we move forward experimenting with more changes we hope to make each event more unique and fun. Catch you soon.