Cream City Con 2023 Coverage and Results

The Lords of the Pit recently held another local Old School event, this time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, organized by Lord Grant Castleton, who has been helping build the local Brew City Old School scene in Wisconsin. Some of the Lords and friends from greater Chicago and throughout Wisconsin gathered upon Steny’s Tavern and Grill on Saturday, July 29, 2023 to sling spells and share more than a few beverages.

Tournament Structure and Prizing

As usual, with most local events we try to keep things moving quickly so people can have fun and get in and out, and then go hang out with friends at night afterwards. We often do Swiss+1 with no draws allowed, to encourage people to actually play Magic rather than draw matches. This month’s event was Old School 93-94, and run as 5 rounds of Swiss.

As usual, there was a large stack of Old School staples that people could choose from before the tournament, or people can bring their own card, and each card was stamped and group signed as part of the prize pool from another memorable day.

This month’s event featured the Wisconsin Special Olympics, which all proceeds and entry fees were donated to.

Final Standings After Swiss+1

Lord Petray continued his recent string of Old School successes piloting aggro decks featuring Scryb Sprites, and was the only undefeated player in this event. His RUG Aggro deck featured the customary Kird Apes and Argothian Pixies, but eschewed more costly threats like Serendib Efreets and Erhnam Djinns in favor of a lower mana curve package of Scryb Sprites, Llanowar Elves, and Elvish Archers. Giant Growths helped pump and protect his puny creatures all the way to the top on this summer day, earning him a well fought victory, and continuing to prove that he can triumph with 3-4 complete blanks in his main deck on any given day.

Decks (Alphabetical, by Last Name)

The field was ripe with aggro decks of all flavors this time, some Workshop Aggro builds, as well as some combo Underworld Dreams variants, and a few control decks like UR, Troll Disco, and The Deck.

In the Mad Style Department there were a few memorable outfits, led off by Lord Shane, who sported a siq Banshee Tower deck, utilizing the Land Tax + Ivory Tower engine to gain life, which he could then channel in to large life drain with Banshee. Ali from Cairo, Circle of Protection: Black, Sylvan Library, and Spirit Link also provided other siq synergies.

Lord Vincent brought a new Mono White Workshop Aggro deck with the regular robots, buttressed by Argivian Archaeologists and Angelic Voices, as well as a peppering of singleton heaters throughout.

Lord Jones was seen rocking a unique aggro-combo deck, with the URB Underworld Dreams package, backed by a triple threat blend of Serendibs, Juzams, and Sedge Trolls, for additional angles of attack. The sideboard control package provided more combo mirror tactics.

Tim Baran – Troll Disco URB

Ian Blank – Dreams Combo 5C

Matt Braun – Atog RUG

Mike Butzen – URW Aggro

Lorien Elleman – Pink Weenie

Jaco – Naya Bazaar Zoo 2023

Ben Jones – Dreams Aggro Combo URB

Jimmy McCarthy – Atog RUG

George Murphy – Naya Big Zoo

Jay Peine – Black White

Carter Petray – RUG Aggro Pump Sprites

Dan Piquard – Naya Zoo

Dan Rech – Workshop Aggro URB

Shane Semmens – Banshee Tower

Jeremy Seroogy – UR Control

Mike Smare – The Deck

James Tork – Goblins Mono Red

Robert Vincent – Workshop Aggro Mono White

Tournament Action

Breakfast at Uncles Mike’s

Semmens (Banshee Tower) vs. Rech (Workshop Aggro URB)

Braun (Atog RUG) vs. Elleman (Pink Weenie)

Jaco (Naya Bazaar Zoo 2023) vs. Elleman (Pink Weenie)

Murphy (Naya Big Zoo) vs. Rech (Workshop Aggro URB)

Vincent (Workshop Aggro Mono White) vs. Jones (Dreams Aggro Combo URB)

Baran (Troll Disco URB) vs. Piquard (Naya Zoo)

McCarthy (Atog RUG) vs. Petray (RUG Aggro Pump Sprites)

Tork (Goblins) vs. Petray (RUG Aggro Pump Sprites)

Blank (Dreams Combo 5C) vs. Jaco (Naya Bazaar Zoo 2023)

Rech (Workshop Aggro URB) vs. Semmens (Banshee Tower)

Murphy (Naya Big Zoo) vs. Braun (Atog RUG)

Elleman (Pink Weenie) vs. Seroogy (UR Control)

Blank (Dreams Combo 5C) vs. Rech (Workshop Aggro URB)

Piquard (Naya Zoo) vs. Petray (RUG Aggro Pump Sprites)

Vincent (Workshop Aggro Mono White) vs. Butzen (URW Aggro)

Braun (Atog RUG) vs. Murphy (Naya Big Zoo)

Peine (Black White) vs. Smare (The Deck)

Murphy (Naya Big Zoo) vs. Jones (Dreams Aggro Combo URB)

Jaco (Naya Bazaar Zoo 2023) vs. Smare (The Deck)

Alpha 40 Action – Castleton (RW) vs. Semmens (Mono Black)

Dinner at the Milwaukee Public Market

The Malort Stands Alone

Thanks for reading, and we’ll catch you next time.