Middle School Marauders 03-2023 Coverage and Results

This past week the Lords of the Pit hosted another Middle School event in Chicago, in a recurring series of events called Middle School Marauders (#MiddleSchoolMarauders on social media). Future events in this series will usually be open to the public every couple of months, and found on our Events page here.

Tournament Structure and Prizing

As usual, with most local events we try to keep things moving quickly so people can have fun and get in and out, and then go hang out with friends at night afterwards. We often do Swiss+1 with no draws allowed, to encourage people to actually play Magic rather than draw matches.

This month’s event featured 20 competitors, a full taco bar lunch break. On the day, 9lb of carnitas, 5lbs of Thai peanut chicken, 5lbs of guacamole, 70 tortillas, and copious amounts of slaws, Donkey Chips, and hot sauces were consumed. Not to mention the cocktails crafted by Lord Semmens and Lord Agra throughout the day. Around this time we also enshrined a handful of new Lords of the Pit members.

As usual, there was a large stack of Middle School staples that people could choose from before the tournament, or people can bring their own card, and each card was stamped, dated, and group signed as part of the prize pool from a memorable day.

Final Standings After Swiss+1

Tim Baran was the winner of this event, piloting a Goblins list utilizing Ancient Tomb, for powering out Goblin Matrons and Goblin Ringleaders faster, primarily. He narrowly edged out a couple of consecutive GW Enchantress players in the last couple of rounds to go undefeated on the day.


There was a pretty interesting field this go around. Goblins was the most represented deck, in a variety of flavors, and Enchantress, Sligh, and UW Control were the only other broad strategies that were represented by more than a single player each. There were plenty of other strange brews present though, so feast your eyes on these gems below.

Bob Agra – Enchantress SquirrelCraft GW

Tim Baran – Goblins Mono Red

Ian Blank – Mono Black Pox

Matt Braun – Tax Rack Aggro WR

Graham Dickson – Stasis Land Denial Prison *Most Creative Winner*

Lorien Elleman – Hermit Naught

Jack Holt – 8 Rat Tendrils

Jaco – Goblins RGB

Ben Jones – Mono Black Grave Pact

Greg Kotscharjan – UW Control

JP Lamp – Insidious Draco Explosion

Jimmy McCarthy – Madness UG (Tempo)

Chet Miller – Nether Spirit Control BG

Matt Moss – Tinker Devourer

Kyle Oakley – Sligh

Shane Semmens – Enchantress SquirrelCraft GW

David Velasco – Goblins RB

Michael Walker – Sligh

Zach Zurawski – Pyrostatic Oath

Anthony Zinni – Landstill UW

Tournament Action

Oakley (Sligh) vs. Zinni (Landstill UW)

Miller (Nether Spirit Control) vs. Baran (Goblins Mono Red)

Braun (Tax Rack Aggro RW) vs. Zinni (Landstill UW)

Velasco (Goblins RB) vs. Braun (Tax Rack Aggro RW)

Baran (Goblins Mono Red) vs. McCarthy (Madness UG Tempo)

Zinni (Landstill UW) vs. Elleman (Hermit Naught)

Zurawski vs. Kotscharjan (UW Control)

Jones (Mono Black Grave Pact) vs. Holt (8 Rat Tendrils)

Moss (Tinker Devourer) vs. Dickson (Stasis Land Denial Prison)

Semmens (Enchantress SquirrelCraft GW) vs. Baran (Goblins Mono Red)

Miller (Nether Spirit Control) vs. Kotscharjan (UW Control)

McCarthy (Madness UG Tempo) vs. Braun (Tax Rack Aggro RW)

Baran (Goblins Mono Red) vs. Agra (Enchantress SquirrelCraft GW)

Jones (Mono Black Grave Pact) vs. Walker (Sligh)

Thanks for reading, and we’ll catch you next time.