DegenCast Episode 18: CamJam 2, LobsterCon, Mailbag, and SummerSlam 2022

The Hacks discuss CamJam2 Old School, LobesterCon 2022, respond to the mailbag, and talk about the SummerSlam split Old School/Vintage event.

00:00 Check ya neck
00:45 Proxy Daze > Hackfather
01:40 The Hacks share pro podcasting tips
02:09 Storytime with KS
04:38 Hackfather’s CamJam 2 results
05:50 KS’s CamJam results
08:59 The Hacks review LobsterCon top 21, using Hacks science
11:05 Color representation
14:30 Power represented
16:06 # of colors in decks
16:44 Spice award of the top 21
18:42 Data review
21:07 The hosts present their awards for the rest of the decks
35:51 Mailbag!
43:00 KS gushes about Hidetsugu Consumes All, and some other new cards
47:48 SummerSlam 2022: hype for an event that already happened
51:06 Hackfather shares his OS deck plans
54:28 T&B shares his OS deck plans
59:50 SummerSlam prizes and goody bag items, come on out next year!
63:50 Next time on DegenCast…an intervention for Hackfather
66:16 Sad Wheeler
Total runtime: 1:06:19