Contributing to Eternal Central

Do you want to contribute something to the Magic community, or perhaps widen your existing writing platform and audience? If so, Eternal Central is welcoming people like you to generate quality content. We are always accepting submissions, and are always looking for new articles, videos, podcasts, and other multimedia things that you think might be cool. You can use Eternal Central as an opportunity to share your thoughts, gain experience writing, and create or expand your platform.

What Should I Write About?

First and foremost, you should create content that would stimulate your interest, or that you think others would be exciting or interesting to others in regards to learning about Eternal formats. We narrowly focus on ‘Eternal’ formats and Magic theory in particular, so your content should be somehow related to one of these things:
Type 4
Old School Magic
Middle School Magic
Magic Online (interface, metagame, tips, etc.)
Magic Theory

We are not interested in anything #MTGFinance related (speculation, trading, etc.), and won’t publish things related to that. Come up with something cool, or something with an angle (Journalism 101), and we will probably publish it.

How Often Do I Need to Contribute?

You can contribute as frequently as you’d like. We realize that many people (especially those into the Eternal formats, who are generally a few years older than the rest of the Magic populace at large) don’t live at home in their parents’ basement, living the Pro Tour lifestyle. Most people have regular jobs and a life outside of Magic, so contribute what you can, when you can, as long as you think it’s a quality piece. People who are regular contributors will be feature more prominently on the website usually.

How Does the Submission Process Work?

By submitting an article to Eternal Central (the ‘Publisher’), you (the ‘Author’) agree that Eternal Central has unlimited commercial license of the submitted and published content, and that this work may not be reproduced anywhere else without the expressed written consent of Eternal Central. Additionally, the Author represents that he/she is the sole proprietor of the submitted material and that to the best of his/her knowledge does not contain any libelous matter, nor does it infringe on any existing copyright. The Publisher shall with all reasonable promptness notify the Author of any claim or suit which may involve these warranties, and the Author agrees fully to cooperate in the defense thereof. If Author is found to be in violation of this representation or warranties they will solely be responsible for any legal outcome, and the Publisher will be released of all indemnity and claims.

If you are interested in contributing to Eternal Central, simply email us at with your idea(s), and we’ll quickly email you back, probably with an approval. You can then email us back with questions, articles, podcasts, and attachments galore. We’ll then edit your work if need be (mainly for written pieces), then email it back for your approval or revisions, and then once everything is ready it will get posted. It’s pretty simple, and we like to keep it that way.

The Eternal Central Wu-Tang Style Guide, and Submission Templates

“Eternal Central shadowboxing, and the Wu-Tang sword style. If what you say is true, EC and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous. Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?”

“En garde, I’ll let you try my Wu-Tang style!”

If you think you’re ready to contribute written content to Eternal Central, we have compiled a brief style guide to help you along, and make your submission to the EC editors a smooth one. Download it here:
The Eternal Central Wu-Tang Style Guide (Microsoft Word format)
The Eternal Central Wu-Tang Style Guide (Adobe PDF format)

Additionally, please use the following templates when submitting written content to Eternal Central:
Eternal Central Article Template (Word .dot format)
Eternal Central Book Template (Word .dot format)