Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 23: Deck Changes in a Slow Moving Metagame

In a rambling episode 23 of #EverydayEternal, Matt and Julian Knab (@itsJulian23 on Twitter) discuss recent changes to several decks. Julian provides some insight into his unusual choices in Elves, and we analyze some of the changes that are becoming more popular lately. To cap it off, Julian and Matt field a community building question about getting people into playing with real cards.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 22: Bazaar of Guests

In episode 22 of #EverydayEternal, Matt is joined by some of Europe’s finest to talk about their experiences at the 2014 Bazaar of Moxen. Marc König (@Bahra01 on Twitter), Jean-Mary Accart, and regular guest Julian Knab (@itsJulian23 on Twitter) discuss their deck choices, fun stories, and the future of large Eternal tournaments, such as Bazaar of Moxen.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 21: Bazaar of Miracles

In episode 21 of #EverydayEternal, Matt and Sam are joined by Julian Knab (@itsJulian23 on Twitter) to discuss predictions for this weekend’s Bazaar of Moxen. We expect Miracles and Team America to be the strongest contenders, with Jund as a possible spoiler deck. In our continuing discussion on Team America, we do a deck deconstruction and discuss the core of the deck and how to deal with it. This is part 2 of this week’s DOUBLE EP release! Check out part 1 here.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 20: Journey Into Play Analysis

In episode 20 of #EverydayEternal, Matt, Sam, and Jacob spend some time analyzing the final match of SCG Seattle, featuring our previous guest, Greg Mitchell on Team America vs. David Bauman on Death and Taxes. We also delve into the spoilers for the soon to be released new set, Journey into Nyx. This is part 1 of this week’s DOUBLE EP release! Check out part 2 here.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 17: The Europeans Take Over

In episode 17 of #EverydayEternal, Grand Prix Paris semifinalist Philipp Schönegger and Bazaar of Moxen 2013 champion Julian Knab (@itsJulian23) chat with Matt and Jacob (@mtgkoby) about their experiences at Grand Prix Paris.

We jump around a bit, but the main focus for today is the specific choices made in Philipp’s Miracles decklist. Julian and Phillip also regale us of several stories of interesting and tight play from throughout the weekend. Philipp ensures us he’ll be playing in the next prerelease.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 16: Born of the Gods and Death of the Shaman

After downtime last month, the #EverydayEternal crew is back with lots of format news.

Additionally, a friend of the podcast has provided us with some of the much-talked-about Chinese counterfeits to take a look at. While we’ve already talked about what we think of them in general, we spend a bit of time explaining why we think, at least this print run, shouldn’t be of any concern to the average player.

Note: This podcast was recorded before the Brainstorm scandal at GP: Paris broke out. Pending the results of that investigation, I’m sure we’ll have something to say about it later.