Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 9: Enchantress

Welcome to another episode of TuskTalk with Morgan Cooper (Handlebars), Josh Hand (Megadeus) and Evan Nyquist (Überwucherung). In Episode 9 we give a overview on the mystical Enchantress deck in the Legacy metagame. We also go over a Top 8 that leads into a discussion about Soldier Stompy and a Thing in the Ice deck. We briefly discuss the upcoming GP’s that were recently announced and some BBQ. Handlebars has foil handmade soldier tokens.

0:00:00 Flavorful Intro
0:00:50 Explaining Enchantress
0:02:18 How does this deck win?
0:04:25 Handlebars gets a million text messages
0:05:55 RIP + HELM you. Sigil continued
0:07:10 Approaches + Backgrounds on Enchantress
0:09:00 Maximizing Value
0:13:00 Little Puzzle
0:13:45 Exploration
0:15:00 Guile
0:16:30 Legacy War Speech
0:17:14 Banishing Light vs. Oblivion Ring
0:18:00 What about Verduran Enchantress?
0:18:30 Vs. Eldrazi?
0:20:11 Thomas Parker’s 4th Place SCG Legacy Classic with Enchantress
0:21:50 Sphere of Safety vs. Moat
0:22:40 Budget Option to Moat?
0:24:28 Cards that Attack Enchantress
0:26:42 Ways to Beat Enchantress
0:28:06 Can Enchantress be ‘Tier 1?’
0:29:20 Vs. Storm / Elves / Infect
0:31:50 You Boys Like Mint Juleps?
0:32:03 Grand Prix Announcements
0:32:22 Hot Brown!
0:33:50 Dwarf House
0:36:23 Super GP
0:40:50 Magic in the Streets
0:42:09 European Eternal Seekend
0:42:53 Event Spoiler
0:44:34 Reviewing a Top 8
0:45:09 Soldiers!
0:46:30 Soldier Tokenz
0:46:57 Back to Soldiers + New Thalia
0:50:45 Shoutout to the CatWarriors
0:51:05 PunishingThing.dec
0:51:53 Eyeball Man
0:53:37 People don’t know how to play against it
0:56:00 Death and Taxes
0:58:35 Handlebars Take No Prisoners List
0:59:35 Serra Angels
0:59:45 Red You’re Dead
1:01:15 Local Talk / WinCon Monthly
1:03:50 Wrap up
1:04:18 End
1:04:19 Five extra minutes of additional audio and Outro Music

Show Notes

Grand Prix 2017 Schedule Announcement
Belgian Legacy Cup Trial IV Top 8 Decklists
– GA Legacy Monthly:
Win Condition Games
3895 Cherokee ST NW Unit #610
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

Event Structure:
Entry: $25
Registration opens at 10 A.M.
Players Meeting at Noon
Format: Legacy
Competitive REL
Swiss Rounds +Top 8
Prize Payout will be in store credit to Top 8, 100% payout to top 8 players.
With door prizes available to all who register.
Deck Registration will be required for this event

Contact us at TuskTalk@gmail.com.