Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 5: Shops Gets Smoked

Shawn French (Frenchie), Zack Wilson (DEEEEEEED), and Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) are joined (late) by blue afficienado Greg Mitchell (hotcarl) for the fifth episode of Tusk Talk. In this episode we take a look at the various BBQ styles, the April 4th banned and restricted announcement, and the pile known as Tin Fins.

00:00: Intro and BBQ Texas vs. Everyone
11:00: Forcing Black Lotus?
17:00: Lodestone Golem is Restricted, rationale, reaction
40:00: What about Oath? Don’t you want someone to care about you?
50:00: Timing of the decision
60:00: Gorging on the new metagame
70:00: Teeg Strikes Back
80:00: What would Mishra do?
90:00: Tinfins Idiocy
95:00: Upcoming Events
Total runtime: 1:56:09

Note: Recorded April 5, 2016

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