Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 3: SCG St. Louis, Grand Prix Expectations, SCG Open Changes, and More

Evan Nyquist (Überwucherung), Andrew Wright (biglongjohns), Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) are joined (late) by Miracle aficionado Brian Plattenburg (alphastryk) for the third episode of Tusk Talk. This episode we take a look at the SCG St. Louis results, the announcement that SCG Sunday prize support is being eradicated, hero worship, and the Game of Chaos.

00:00: Intro and SCG St. Louis Legacy Top 16
10:00: Avoiding disease for fun and profit
15:00: The Game of Chaos
20:00: What to expect in the early rounds of Grand Prixs
30:00: Miracles sideboarding (Elves, Infect)
42:00: SCG changes and impact on legacy
49:00: Chuckee Cheese Magic
64:00: Eternal on Twitch
76:00: Current Magic design
88:00: Rambling about terrible cards, flavor text
Total runtime: 1:38:01

Note: Recorded Monday, November 2nd 2015

Show Notes

Giga-Bytes Legacy Series in Atlanta
The Game of Chaos we clearly inspired
StarCityGames Organized Play Update

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