So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 55: Eldritch Moon

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Eldritch Moon for Vintage.

0:01:00: Announcements
0:23:20: Shadows Over Innistrad Report Card
0:31:30: Eldritch Moon: Mechanics
0:38:55: Coax from the Blind Eternities
0:48:40: Mausoleum Wanderer
1:03:15: Unsubstantiate
1:19:37: Bedlam Reveler
1:31:55: Eldritch Evolution
1:50:00: Spell Queller
2:08:00: Tamiyo, Field Researcher
2:27:38: Emrakul, the Promised End
2:39:45: Curious Homunculus//Voracious Reader
2:52:30: Lupine Prototype
2:59:35: Geier Reach Sanitarium
3:11:20: Thalia, Heretic Cathar
3:24:00: Triskaidekaphobia! (with Tree of Perdition)
Total runtime: 3:28:20

Show Notes

Eldritch Moon Visual Spoiler
Eldritch Moon Mechanics

Listener Feedback

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