So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 48: Battle for Zendikar

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Battle for Zendikar for Vintage.

0:00:00: Announcements
0:00:00: Magic Origins Report Card
0:45:00: Battle for Zendikar Mechanics
0:55:38: Titan’s Presence
0:59:09: Void Winnower
1:13:40: Painful Truths
1:25:27: Vampiric Rites
1:28:27: Smothering Abomination
1:39:25: Molten Nursery
1:43:49: Radiant Flames
2:02:03: Greenwarden of Murasa
2:10:57: Bring to Light
2:19:45: Kiora, Master of the Depths
2:39:23: Sire of Stagnation
2:44:44: Aligned Hedron Network
3:02:21: Blighted Cataract
3:07:22: Blighted Fen
3:12:47: Listener Feedback: Trigger Rules
Total runtime: 3:34:04

Show Notes

Team Serious Vintage Open @ Eternal Games (Warren, MI, USA) 10/17/2015
Old School 93-94 @ EudoGames (Berkeley, CA, USA) 10/18/2015
Vintage @ EudoGames (Berkeley, CA, USA) 11/15/2015
Suggestions for Improving the Online Vintage Experience
Battle for Zendikar Visual Spoiler

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