Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 7: Legacy and Lists

Tusk members Andrew Polk (Pants), Brian Plattenberg (Alphastryk) and Evan Nyquist (Überwucherung) try to go over some of the buyout madness, which ends up going into the Reserve List. What happens if Wizards of the Coast changes course? We go over some of the new juice from the new set Eldritch Moon. Miracles in Legacy is then discussed, and if it is too strong for the format. With the upcoming Banned & Restricted List announcement, will anything in Legacy move? Also, Slivers: a tribe for the ages.

This episode is dedicated to Owen Tusk.

Total runtime: 1:14:55

Show Notes

Original Nevinyrral’s Disk art pitch, by Steve Argyle
SCG Dallas Legacy Classic Top 16 Decklists
SCG Worcester Legacy Open Top 32 Decklists

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