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  • Gen Con 2011 Legacy Champs Top 8 Decks

    Here are the Top 8 decklists for the 2011 Legacy Champs, held at Gen Con. Congratulations to winner Jared Kohler, who unbelievably took home the Force of Will painting trophy in his first sanctioned Legacy tournament!1!1
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  • Gen Con 2011 Eternal Event News

    Welcome to Eternal Central’s coverage of GenCon 2011! Scroll down below for Vintage and Legacy results as they stream in. We will be updating this periodically throughout the weekend as news, results, and tidbits flow in from the Internet and our friends on site, so keep hitting the F5 to refresh all weekend and keep it locked to EC for your Eternal news!
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  • Top16 decklists of Seattle SCG Open Series

    The Seattle Legacy Star City Games Open Series tournament has come to an end with a clear, clear domination of the Show and tell / Hive Mind decks. After 8 rounds of swiss and a very tight Top8, Ben Swartz’s Hive Mind deck defeated Sean Ryan’s NO RUG to become the champion and take the $2000 back home.

    The rest of the Top8 pairings and the Top16 decklists right after the break.

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  • Top8 and Day1 Undefeated decklists from GP Providence

    Grand Prix Providence has come to an end and James Rynkiewicz is the official winner. James piloted a GWU Bant deck without Force of Will that managed to defeat all his opponents all the way to the victory. As you will see after the break, there are 8 different archetypes in the Top8 despite the HUGE amount of players that sleeved up Stoneforge Mystic + Batterskull. Once again, as happened in Bazaar of Moxen 5, Mental Misstep was one of the most played cards among Top8 players; 7 out of 8 decks played at least 3 copies of this free counterspell.

    The downside of GP Providence is, obviously, the small turn out. This GP hasn’t gathered more people than Bazaar of Moxen. Wizards of the Coast has tried not to mention the official number. You can’t find it anywhere in the official coverage page unless you do a manual count of the 1st round pairings + byes. My count estimates 598 players. That doesn’t seem a lot to me, honestly. Thanks to Garret we know that there were 1179 players inscribed for day one, which is pretty acceptable turn out but not even close to what GP Madrid achieved last year.

    Anyways, my EC partner Jason Jaco was there to witness and he’ll probably come with one of his Instant Analysis articles for this event. Meanwhile please enjoy the Top8 + Day 1 Undefeated decklists (after the break).

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  • Legacy Grand Prix Providence LIVE STREAM

    The first of the two Legacy Grand Prix is about to begin. People all around the globe is gathering in Providence (USA) to win the usual GP prizes. After Bazaar of Moxen 5 (Annecy), this GP is the next big tournament of the post NPH era. Will Mental Misstep show up in most of top8 decks? Are we going to see any new technologies being played? The answer to all these questions will be given during the weekend and you can watch them here by following the GGslive LIVE STREAM during this 2 day long intense coverage.

    Live video chat by Ustream

  • Instant Analysis – SCG Orlando Legacy Open 2011

    Instant Analysis SCG Orlando 2011
    Another weekend has come and gone, but this was no ordinary weekend in Legacy. This was the first week that major tournaments around the world would have New Phyrexia legal, and along with it the most hyped card for Legacy in ages, Mental Misstep. While the massive Bazaar of Moxen tournament was going on halfway around the world in France, Americans had the opportunity to gather in sunny Orlando (Florida, USA) to play their weapon of choice in a new era of Legacy. The Mental Misstep Era.
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  • Instant Analysis – Bazaar of Moxen Legacy 2011

    Instant Analysis Bazaar of Moxen Legacy 2011
    Have you ever won a piece of Power 9 playing in a Magic tournament? It’s a great feeling, and a nice little financial reward for beating let’s say 20 to 60 other players. Now what if you could beat 600 other players, and you won an entire set of Beta Power 9 for your triumph? If you could, you’d most likely be playing in the annual Bazaar of Moxen (BoM) tournaments, where the turnout is big and the prizes are bigger!
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  • Bazaar of Moxen 2011 Legacy Decklists, Reports, and Video Roundup

    Bazaar of Moxen 2011 Legacy Decklists, Reports, and Video Roundup

    The 2011 Bazaar of Moxen has just concluded, and we are happy to report to you that it was the largest privately held Legacy tournament to have ever taken place to date, with an astonishing 633 players playing Legacy in beautiful Annecy, France. With the help of the tournament organizers and the WatchDaMatch coverage team we are proud to bring you the Top 16 decklists from the Legacy main event!
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  • Show and Tell Surprise! Adam Crawford Got PWNED

    The following happened during the past SCG Open in Charlotte. Adam Crawford (Sneak Show) VS Kenny Meyer (Zoo Battle of Wits). An epic moment happened during their first game:


  • New Phyrexia in Legacy, Vintage, and Type 4

    New Phyrexia in Legacy, Vintage, and Type 4

    Whenever a new set is released a handful of writers do a set review, and we’re throwing our hat into the ring now too. We’re not going to review every card in the set here, because that would be a waste of everyone’s time. What we will do is touch on the things that we think are remotely playable in the Eternal formats, and try to figure out a home for these cards in either new or existing decks. This will be a new feature here at Eternal Central, so buckle up your seat belts and join us for the ride as we review New Phyrexia in Legacy, Vintage, and Type 4 (bonus)! Continue Reading

  • A Real Look at Legacy Deck Costs 2011Q2

    A Real Look at Legacy Deck Costs 2011Q2

    Are you looking to get into Legacy, or are you looking to build up your Legacy collection or expand it a bit? If you’re just jumping in or seeking those last few staples for the decks you might want to play, you’ll no doubt find that prices are rapidly rising.

    There has been an influx of new Legacy players across the globe as places like SCG and Wizards of the Coast and other large European tournament organizers have started really supporting Legacy by organizing what have turned into regular or semi-regular huge tournaments with attractive prizes. This has driven up demand, and along with it prices across the board for most things that rotated out of old Standard and Extended formats and have become staples of the surging Legacy landscape. Among the gnashing of teeth and speculation of the future of Legacy, a lot of people have been wondering, debating, and generally astonished at what it costs now to build a Legacy deck. So join Eternal Central as we dive in to analyzing the real costs of building a Legacy deck in 2011Q2. Continue Reading

  • Grand Prix Barcelona, here we go!

    In case you didn’t know (or you forgot), this weekend will take place in Barcelona (Spain) the next Grand Prix. The one who’s writting here happens to live in Barcelona, so you can expect some pictures and reports of the event as soon as the weekend passes by. A quick reference to the event site:

    Fira De Barcelona (Montjuic), Hall 8
    Avda. Reina Maria Cristina s/n
    08004 Barcelona

    Google Maps

    As I, personally, couldn’t care less about yugi’oh formats such as Standard or Extended (much respect for the pro’s and kids who play it though), my personal goal at the GP is to get my cards signed and to play the Legacy/Vintage side events. When the first news about the GP arised, I was surprised to see that Greg Staples was comming to sign cards (together with John Avon). Damn, seriously! Greg Staples? I almost jizzed in my pants when I read about it! Why? Because I happen to have a playset of Japanese Ill-Gotten Gains signed by the singer Iggy-Pop! (picture after the break). My wet dreams of getting that playset double signed were about to become true until… yesterday.

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  • SCG Dallas / Fort Worth LIVE Coverage!

    Despite of the low quality of the stream being offered by the SCG guys this time, here we are again with the LIVE Stream of the Star City Games 2011 Open Series tournament that is being held in Dallas/Forth Worth. Hopefully the quality of the stream will improve eventually!

    Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

  • Real Men Play Combo – Oh wait! Something is wrong here!

    Hello everybody!

    We apologize for the lack of posts that we’ve been publishing lately. Both Jason and I have been extremely busy lately, leaving almost no time to writing articles and such. We promise to be back on track shortly. We appreciate your visits daily to check for new updates, articles, etc… Thanks a lot!

    On the mean time, We’d like you to watch this video that was recorded during SCG – NJ. We promise you’ll love it!

    Can anyone tell me where can I buy those “Bacon” sleeves? 😀

  • Instant Analysis – SCG Indianapolis Legacy Open 2011

    Another frigid weekend in the Midwest, another awesome SCG Open. This time the traveling road show made its way to Indianapolis, Indiana. With Snowpocalypse 2011 only a few days prior, weather conditions were tricky but 266 competitors slogged their way to Indy for some rabblerousing and gamesmanship.
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  • Instant Analysis – SCG Kansas City & San Jose Legacy Opens

    In the wake of the December 20 2010 announcement by the DCI banning Survival of the Fittest, the metagame clock in Legacy was set to be turned back in time about six months before the breakout performance of Caleb Durward’s Vengevine Survival at Grand Prix Columbus in June.
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  • SCG Open Series (Legacy)- San Jose LIVE Broadcast

    The Star City Games 2011 Open Series doesn’t cease its activity! Just a week after the SCG Kansas City Open (Top16 decklists) here we are again with the 2nd stop of this 1-year journey. We saw Chris Osinski and his goblin team get the 1st spot over many Merfolk players and some other innovative deck designs. With 5 out of the 8 best players running Aether Vial, do you guys think it will keep being the same, or do you think other new strategies will arise?

    Enjoy the LIVE broadcast! (Legacy Should start around 19:00 CET aprox.)

  • SCG Open Series – Kansas City Top 16 Legacy Decklists

    The first stop of the Star City Games 2011 Open Series took place last weekend in Kansas City and it has brought to us some rays of light after the so-obscure Survival of the Fittest/Vengevine era. Tribal decks like Goblins and Merfolks are back to the top tables and new archetypes are starting to become competitive (Spring Tide with Time Spirals and Welder Painter).

    Here at Eternal Central we’d like to say congratulations to Chris Osinski for taking the victory with his Goblins!

    All the decklists after the break!

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  • SCG Open Series (Legacy)- Kansas City LIVE Broadcast

    We hope you guys have had wonderful time during this holiday season and we wish you the best for 2011. While it’s taken a while for us to re-post, we’d like to inform you that Eternal Central has big plans for this upcoming year so we hope you guys keep visiting us!

    So, the first 2011 SCG Open Series is taking place this weekend in Kansas City and here we are again with the live broadcast of the Legacy event. This is the first big event without Survival of the Fittest around, so, let’s see what decks will become the new DTB (Deck To Beat). We’d like to point out as well that GGslive merged with SCG into what is now called SCGlive (follow them on twitter #scglive.

    Round 1 started 17:20 CET. 194 players – 8 rounds

  • So Many Insane Plays – Decoding the DCI

    The DCI is a body composed of some of the smartest people in Magic. Unfortunately, intelligence does not entail the ability to communicate ideas or thoughts clearly or effectively. Tom LaPille was a notable addition to the staff of Wizards of the Coast, not simply because of his accomplishments in Magic, but because of his ability to communicate the groupthink of a nest of brainiacs to the outside world. With notable speed Tom became the voice of Wizards R&D as he took over the reins of the column titled Latest Developments. This is not to say that Erik Lauer, the individual responsible for explaining the most recent changes to the Banned and Restricted List, has not explained the changes clearly or effectively. However, further elaboration or insight would be helpful. The implications of the most recent B/R list announcement reach Vintage as well as Legacy. Permit me to attempt to decode the DCI…

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  • Survival of the Fittest Banned in Legacy, No Changes in Vintage

    It’s that time of year again, and the DCI has announced changes today to the Banned and Restricted Lists:
    Announcement Date: December 20, 2010
    Effective Date: January 1, 2011

    Scars of Mirrodin Block Constructed, Standard, Extended, Vintage
    No changes

    Survival of the Fittest is banned.
    Time Spiral is unbanned.
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  • [Video]: Legacy Dech Tech – Survival Elves From 2010 by Josh Utter-Leyton

    While we wait for the 2010 Worlds Legacy videos to go live let’s enjoy this Survival Elves deck tech by Josh Utter-Leyton (United States National Champion):

    The decklist after the break.
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  • So Many Insane Plays – Why Survival Should Not Be Banned in Legacy, But Will Be Anyway

    Survival of the Fittest is putting up unseemly – even gaudy – performance statistics. By any reasonable accounting, it’s dominating the Legacy format, if measured primarily by performance on the StarCityGames (SCG) Legacy Open series. I won’t rehash that data. Admittedly, there is some question about the scope of the data – whether its exclusive reliance on American tournament performance is truly representative of global metagame dominance. More than a few European players point to the European championships as counter-evidence (Editor’s Note: as well as the LCL series and every other large European tournament that is not SCG). But with that caveat, there is more than enough statistical evidence of Survival dominance.
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  • SCG Legacy Invitational – Richmond LIVE Broadcast!

    The Legacy show will begin within an hour. (Current time 23:42 CET)