Star City Games – Charlotte LIVE Broadcast!

The next stop of the Star City Games Open Series circuit is taking place this weekend in Charlotte, NC, and here you’ll find the LIVE broadcasts of both Standard and Legacy SCG $5K events. Will Survival of the Fittest dominate the Legacy event like at the last SCG $5K stop? Stay tuned to see what happens!

As bonus coverage, we can add that today in the LCL (Catalan Legacy League, Barcelona – 100 players), 3 Survival decks made Top 8. Despite another impressive showing for Survival of the Fittest, the 2 players that made it into the Finals were piloting CounterTop Bant (one with Natural Order and one without).

Right after the break you can follow the chat and read more facts about the Legacy Event (as soon as the information is being released).

Details from the SCG Charlotte $5K Legacy
– 147 players have registered to play in the $5K Legacy event.
– There are a shitload of Survival decks being played. I believe we’ve seen most of the feature matches on camera nearly every round featuring a Survival deck. According to JACO this might be SCG wanting the DCI to ban it because they ran out of it, or because they just want to sell more copies at inflated prices.
– The Top 8 featured 5 players piloting Survival decks. Tons of people were playing Survival, so it will be interesting to see what percentage of each archetype overall finished in the Top 8.
– The Top 8 was Braverman vs. Pawlik (BWG Junk), McGinn vs. Wise, Wright vs. Spagnolo (UG Vengvine Survival), J. Hatfield (BWG Vengevine Survival) vs. Cai (WG Survival).
– In the Finals Nicholas Spagnolo’s Trinket Mage laced UG Vengevine Survival deck took down Adam Cai’s WG Vengevine Survival deck in three hard fought and mulligan intensive games. Spagnolo has been on an absolute tear lately, winning a Champs (States) event, winning BOTH days of last weekend’s TCGPlayer Boston $5K tournaments (Standard and Sealed), finishing in the Top 4 of this weekends SCG Charlotte $5K Standard, and then winning the SCG Charlotte $5K Legacy. This also vaults him into position to make a late run at Alex Bertoncini and Ben Wienburg for the overall points lead in the SCG Open Series (most points wins a full set of Power 9 at the end of the season).

Decklists for the Legacy event are now available here!