Survival of the Fittest Should Not Be Banned, Say the Voters

According to our readers from the poll we made last week, even though Survival of the fittest is everywhere, it should not be banned in Legacy. The results from the poll (so far, as it’s still opened) are:

  • No (71%, 152 Votes)
  • Yes (29%, 61 Votes)

Total Voters: 213

Besides SotF, do you feel like any other card should be banned or unbanned in Legacy? Wizards of the Coast “experiments” in Vintage have a tendency to allow more cards into the format. Will WotC apply the same philosophy for Legacy? Someone said once that cards like Mana Drain were banned in Legacy due to their high monetary value, but having other cards in the format like Tarbenacle at Pendrell Vale  or Grim Tutor kind of invalidate that theory.

In this week’s poll, we are asking you if you think it’s safe to unban cards like Mana Drain in Legacy:
[poll id=”6″]