StarCityGames Boston Legacy $5K – Videos

Here we are again with the videos of the StarCityGames Boston Legacy $5K thanks to the excellent job done by The videos go from Round 2 to the Grand Final between Gerry Thompson and James Rynkiewicz. Remember you can check the Top16 decklists here.

FINAL – Gerry Thompson VS James Rynkiewicz

The rest of the videos right after the break and of course, in our EC TV channel.

SEMIFINALS – Jim Davis VS James Rynkiewicz

QUARTERFINALS – Sam Roukas VS Gerry Thompson

ROUND 8 – Steven Hicks VS Axel Jensen

ROUND 7 – Samuel Wang VS Jim Davis

ROUND 6 – Stephan Mercatoris VS Jason Ford

ROUND 5 – Kenny Mayer VS Dan Jordan

ROUND 4 – Carl Godon VS Sam Roukas

ROUND 3 – Marc Agel VS Scott Collett

ROUND 2.1 – Gerard Fabano VS Asher Heckt

ROUND 2.2 – Willie Godin VS Gerry Thompson