2011 Grand Prix Circuit Includes 2 Legacy GP Events

The 2011 Grand Prix Schedule has been released today and the Eternal players everywhere can rejoice. With the success of the Legacy GP’s from this year (including GP Madrid’s record-breaking turnout), Wizards of the Coast has decided to keep the ball rolling with 2 more Legacy stops this coming year.

One will take place in Providence (Rhode Island, USA, May 28-29) and the other one in Amsterdam (Holland – Europe, date to be determined). We hope to see great attendances at both GP’s, so you better start testing!

After the break you’ll find the complete 2011 GP Schedule.

Dates City Country Format Feeds PT
Jan. 22-23 Atlanta USA Extended Nagoya
Feb. 12-13 Paris France Sealed/Booster (SOM/MBS) Nagoya
Feb. 19-20 Denver USA Sealed/Booster (SOM/MBS) Nagoya
March 12-13 Hamburg Germany Sealed/Booster (SOM/MBS) Nagoya
March 19-20 Kobe Japan Extended Nagoya
March 26-27 Barcelona Spain Standard Nagoya
April 9-10 Dallas USA Standard Philadelphia
April 30-May 1 London England Sealed/Booster (SOM/MBS) Philadelphia
May 21-22 Prague Czech Republic Sealed/Booster (SOM/MBS/ACT) Philadelphia
May 28-29 Providence USA Legacy Philadelphia
June 4-5 Singapore Singapore Standard Philadelphia
June 18-19 Kansas City USA Sealed/Booster (SOM/MBS/ACT) Philadelphia
Aug. 20-21 Shanghai China Sealed/Booster (M12) 2012 #1
Aug. 27-28 Pittsburgh USA Standard 2012 #1
Sep. 17-18 Montreal Canada Sealed/Booster (M12) 2012 #1
Oct. 8-9 Milan Italy Sealed/Booster (“Shake”) 2012 #1
Oct. 15-16 Brisbane Australia Standard 2012 #1
Oct. 22-23 Santiago Chile Sealed/Booster (“Shake”) 2012 #1
Oct. 29-30 Hiroshima Japan Standard 2012 #1
Nov. 12-13 San Diego USA Extended 2012 #1
TBD Amsterdam Netherlands Legacy 2012 #1