SCG Open Series (Legacy)- Kansas City LIVE Broadcast

We hope you guys have had wonderful time during this holiday season and we wish you the best for 2011. While it’s taken a while for us to re-post, we’d like to inform you that Eternal Central has big plans for this upcoming year so we hope you guys keep visiting us!

So, the first 2011 SCG Open Series is taking place this weekend in Kansas City and here we are again with the live broadcast of the Legacy event. This is the first big event without Survival of the Fittest around, so, let’s see what decks will become the new DTB (Deck To Beat). We’d like to point out as well that GGslive merged with SCG into what is now called SCGlive (follow them on twitter #scglive.

Round 1 started 17:20 CET. 194 players – 8 rounds