Chiba 2010 Worlds might affect the December 20th B&R List

Fresh news regarding the upcoming Banned & Restricted list from December 20th coming straight from the WotC headquarters. Today Brian David-Marshall wrote on his column the following:

10. The Survival of Legacy

The banned and restricted announcement will go up on December 20 as usual—after Worlds. If any player is going to come up with a strategy to beat the Survival of the Fittest decks that have been dominating the format then the Team Competition may be the last chance that they get to do so before it is defeated through legislation.

After this statement, it seems pretty clear that WotC is seriously conscious about the health of Legacy and specially about the power of the green enchantment. You readers think that Legacy is a healthy format (72%) but still a 28% of the people who voted said that Legacy isn’t healthy and might need a change. A 28% is a huge value when you think about it, meaning that every 4 Legacy players one thinks the format ain’t healthy.

What do you guys think about the statement?