Could Masters Edition 4 Change the Banned & Restricted Lists?

Last week, Patrick Chapin wrote on Twitter:

Library of Alexandria is not being placed on Online Classic Restricted List (when other ME4 cards are). Is this a hint as to next B/R list?

That rumor was spread world wide and actually a lot of people started to think about how Library of Alexandria would impact Legacy and Vintage online. People on seem mixed about the possibility of LOA entering the Legacy format. Patrick Chapin’s rumor was actually true, as today we’ve seen the official changes to the MTGO Banned and Restricted lists, and Library is unrestricted in MTGO Classic. When it comes to changes to the B/R lists we always hope they come for good, so we’ll see if these little online hints then in turn have any bearing on the the paper formats. So far these are the new changes to the online lists:

Classic MTGO: Fastbond, Mana Vault, Time Vault, Trinisphere and Wheel of Fortune are Restricted.

Legacy MTGO: Fastbond, Library of Alexandria, Mana Vault, Mishra’s Workshop, Time Vault and Wheel of Fortune are Banned.

(The ME4 release also affects other MTGO formats like 100 Card Singleton, Tribal, Prismatic, etc.)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Magic Online, you should know that the Masters Editions are sets that reprint old staples for the online formats Classic (Vintage) and Legacy.  You can find the full spoiler of the cards to be released with ME4 right after the break:

Report – France Vintage Championship Top 8

Thanks to Belcherized and Maitre Yoda (two French players), the 2010 France Vintage Championship was held this past weekend. I’d like to begin my report by thanking and congratulating them for the organization of the tournament and their support of Vintage. We had a great weekend, and even though it was a Sunday, 69 players came here to compete for the chance to be the new French Vintage Champion. Last year, I lost in the Finals against Camille Fenet in a Selkie mirror match. This year, as I didn’t want to play creatures anymore I decided to play the deck I played at Bazaar of Moxen 4 (BOM).

Check out my decklist and the report after the break!

X and Owen – On Workshops and Sucking

X and Owen

(Editor’s Note: this is Owen’s follow up to his Vintgage Champs 2010 report, and may or may not have appeared elsewhere but has been reprinted with permission of the author Owen Turtenwald to serve as a companion work with his other Vintage writing.)

Originally I was going to title this article “Why Lodestone Golem is the Worst Card in Vintage.” Ok, ok, hyperbole aside Lodestone Golem is not the actual worst card in Vintage, but I do believe that it is insanely overrated. For one thing, Lodestone says non-artifact which for some reason most people don’t consider a serious drawback. But when every deck you play against has about 10 artifacts, most of which provide mana and make his ability worse, it’s much less attractive. I can hear the forum responses now. “IT DOESN’T AFFECT MY SMOKESTACK!11!!1!” But you already have at least 4 mana for the Golem, which means you are playing Mishra’s Workshop so your deck has about 35 or roughly a million mana in it, so it’s not much of a bonus that he doesn’t affect your cards. The fact that you’re trying to restrict the mana that your opponent is playing is what is most important, because that makes all of your other Spheres that much better. (more after the jump!)

X and Owen – Winning Vintage Worlds 2010

Magic Vintage Championship 2010
For my latest article I’m excited to write about how I recently won the Vintage World Championship at GenCon Indy 2010. I’ve played in the event the past 3 years now, with a Top 8 apperance the first time, and some poor play leading to a loss while playing for Top 8 last year which was pretty disheartening, to the point where I didn’t even want to play in the tournament this year. But thanks to David Ochoa for providing me the decklist and to my amazing friends for lending me the cards. Without further adieu here is the decklist that I (along with Bob Maher and David Williams) ended up playing, available after the jump.

Vintage Primer – The Riddler

The story starts with the unrestriction of Gush/Frantic Search (20th of September 2010), the DCI granted the vintage community a gift that could not be overlooked. This was actually right on time since 3 weeks later it was the Eternal Weekend. For those who don’ t know what it is, I leave you a link here of the coverage done by the EC staff. All this meant that we had to squeeze our brains as much as possible in order to find the correct sinergy for the event. Some days later, Scars of Mirrodin was released with lots of interesting stuff for the King of the formats. After reading it carefully, I found a little jewel, so I started thinking about what it could provide to the vintage format, since its potential is more than obvious:

Stephen Menendian Goes from SCG to Quiet Speculation

One of the few Vintage writers and also probably one of the best Eternal writers, Magic guru Stephen Menendian, and his column “So Many Insane Plays” are moving from the well known Star City Games website to the new and very interesting Quiet

The good news is that to replace Menendian’s column StarCityGames are bringing in both Brian Demars and Andy Probasco, both excellent players and well respected for their Vintage and Legacy theory and results among the Eternal Magic community (especially on TMD).

We encourage all of you to keep the track of these excellent writers at Quiet Speculation, as they promise really high-quality articles there. After the break there’s an excerpt and link to Steve’s first article on Quiet Speculation.

Eternal Weekend 2010 (Madrid) – Vintage Coverage and News!

Starting today and until Monday, the 2010’s Eternal Weekend is running in Madrid. 148 players gathered for today’s Vintage main event and fought through 8 rounds of swiss + Top8.


  1. Darío González – 22 – Jacerator
  2. Pedro Mula – 21 – MUD
  3. Guillem Ragull – 20 – Repeach Tendrils
  4. Alejandro escribano – 19 – MUD
  5. Rubén González – 19 – Storm City Bond
  6. Ricardo nieto – 19 – Dredge
  7. Carlos Moral – 19 – NLU
  8. Inazio Madariaga – 19 – TTS

Darío vs Inazio – 2-1
Carlos vs Pedro – 2-0
Guillem vs Ricardo – 2-0
Rubén vs Alejandro – 2-1


  • Guillem Ragull (Repeach Tendrils) VS Carlos Moral (GAT with goyfs instead of Dryads) – RESULT 2:0
  • Rubén González (Storm City Bond) VS Dario González (Jacerator) – RESULT 2:1 (Dario won Game 1 but Rubén make a comeback to win the match)

I’m not 100% sure if the deck from Dario is running Gush (which I assume it does), so we can say there’s 4 out of 4 Gush decks in the semifinals! Hello DCI!

So!!!!! Guillem Ragull and Rubén González (both players from Barcelona) reached the finals and split the prizes (5 Moxes + 1 Black Lotus). Congratulations to both of them!

The official coverage from La Universidad de las Artes Lúdicas somehow stopped, so we’ll keep you informed of what’s going on and who’s on the finals and the winner!

After the break you’ll find the standings after the 8th round:

So Many Insane Plays – Scars of Mirrodin Vintage Set Review

(Editor’s Note: This content was formerly published on Quiet Speculation, and the former Downloadable Product has since been made available free here with the permission of the author and QS. Enjoy!)

The suns that orbit Mirrodin dim, their color fading. The Myr have scattered. But the dread and the evil are not done with it yet. They have returned to scavenge the remains of this dying world for malevolent and selfish ends. We are among them.

Our return to Mirrodin is neither coincidental nor mere happenstance. We have come full circle, on a trajectory of exploration and pursuit of power. We arrived on Mirrodin just as Gush had left the format, in the Fall of 2003. Upon our return, Gush greets us.

How do you like the new Vintage?

With the recent changes to the Vintage Banned and Restricted list, it seems like people is getting the enthusiasm back to play Vintage. Before the unrestrictions of Gush and Frantic Search the format became totally predictive due to the few archetypes that were competitive. The lack of draw turned the format into something too depending on the luck factor, whether it was to combine a Time Vault with a Voltaic Key or a Mishra’s Workshop with a Lodestone Golem. There were other options to play with, but they were all luck dependant to having broken cards in your opening hands, like Bazaar of Baghdad or Oath of Druids.

The entrance to the format of these 2 blue drawers will arise new strategies. GAT (Grow-A-Tog) is willing to prove again it’s the best Vintage deck in the format. Will Quirion Dryad dominate over Fish or MUD? Time will tell, but they’ll definitely have a shot, like Stephen Menendian did last weekend by winning a 30+ people event in Ann Arbor. This is the list he played:

Top8 Vintage decklists – EUROVINO 5 (233 players – Milan 11/09/10)

Even though the Vintage lists from the Eurovino5 tournament are now outdated due to the un-restrictions of Frantic Search and Gush, hope you enjoy the Top8 decklists from such a big event. Thanks (again) to Stinfo for his amazing work.


[Maindeck] (60)
Polluted Delta
Flooded Strand
Underground Sea
Tropical Island
Tolarian Academy
Mox Emerald
Mox Jet
Mox Sapphire
Mox Ruby
Mox Pearl
Black Lotus
Mana Crypt
Sol Ring
Lotus Petal
Mana Vault
Dark Confidant
Dark Ritual
Yawgmoths Bargain
Minds Desire
Ancestral Recall
Time Walk
Mystical Tutor
Vampiric Tutor
Demonic Tutor
Merchant Scroll
Hurkyls Recall
Chain of Vapor
Senseis Divining Top
Tendrils of Agony
Force of Will
Yawgmoths Will
[Sideboard] (15)
Xantid Swarm
Death Mark
Tormods Crypt
Hurkyls Recall
Pithing Needle
Natures Claim[/Sideboard]

In the Lab – Vintage Polymorph

Due to the current Vintage metagame, that bores me to oblivion, I’m currently testing new stuff in order to find a balance between the fun and the win rate. If I’d play for winning I’d probably play Dredge. If I wouldn’t care about the fun then I’d probably play MUD. But since I’m somewhere in between those 2, I feel the need to do something!

You’ve seen me trying to design new stuff such as the Jacerator deck. A deck that, despite the fact that it isn’t played a lot, has achieved excellent results at mid/large tournaments around Europe. Jacerator is good because of the current metagame. Playing 4 Tarmogoyf maindeck plus a bunch of Nature’s Claim, Jace, the Mind Sculptor or  Trygon Predator makes this deck a true “metagame deck”. Current Vintage metagame is so stuck that everywhere you go you’ll find the exact same decks. That’s what makes Jacerator good! Anyways, I’m not here to speak about Jacerator!

So, today I’m going to try to explain why Polymorph might be good in Vintage.

[Video] Xtreme Games 08-15-2010 Finals Game 1 – Jerome Yanchick vs Jimmy McCarthy

Xtreme Games held a Vintage tournament for a Time Walk and other nice prizes on 08-15-2010. After the 5 rounds of Swiss, then Quarterfinals, and then Semifinals, Jerome Yanchick (Team Empire) was left to battle Jimmy McCarthy (Team Serious, Team Meandeck) for a Time Walk. Jerome is pictured on the left piloting 5C ‘Empire’ Stax, and Jimmy is on the right piloting ‘Serious’ Bomberman. Check out the video of Game 1 after the jump!