[Video] Xtreme Games 08-15-2010 Finals Game 1 – Jerome Yanchick vs Jimmy McCarthy

Xtreme Games held a Vintage tournament for a Time Walk and other nice prizes on 08-15-2010. After the 5 rounds of Swiss, then Quarterfinals, and then Semifinals, Jerome Yanchick (Team Empire) was left to battle Jimmy McCarthy (Team Serious, Team Meandeck) for a Time Walk. Jerome is pictured on the left piloting 5C ‘Empire’ Stax, and Jimmy is on the right piloting ‘Serious’ Bomberman. Check out the video of Game 1 after the jump!

(Editor’s Note: The video begins on Turn 2 of the game. Jerome won the die roll, Jimmy mulliganed to 6 cards on the draw. Jerome leads with Mishra’s Workshop into Crucible of Worlds, which resolves. Jimmy draws for the turn, then plays Island, Mox Jet [proxied] and then passes the turn back. The video then picks up on turn 2, shown below.)

We’ve got in game audio for this one, so no music this time. The video for Game 2 of the Finals should be up soon. Top 8 decklists, metagame report with deck breakdown, and more can be found in our full Top 8 writeup here.

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