Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 13: The Miracle of Failure

Welcome to a new episode of Tusk Talk with Evan Nyquist (Hymnyou), Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), and Greg Mitchell (phazonmutant, hotcarl, ponder?). We review Eternal Weekend results and bad beats. We cover our drinking choices and our deck choices. Then we look forward to Chiba and Greg regales us with tales of the Miracle of Science. What will Sean 0-2 drop with in Chiba?


Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 11: GenCon and Vintage

This episode of Tusk Talk features Greg Mitchell (Hot Carl, Ponder?, and Phazonmutant), Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), and Tusk Ally Greedy Mike. We cover the Vintage for Byes events at GenCon, and the overall state of Vintage. We also cover the logistics and ins and outs of GenCon. Greg combines the Miracle of Science. We look forward to the Fall sets, and the road to psuedo-Champs in Columbus.


Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 10: Conspiracy 2

Welcome to another episode of TuskTalk with Sean O’Brien (Nedleeds), Brian Plattenberg (Alphastryk), Zack Wilson (Deeeeeeeeeeeeed) and Evan Nyquist (HymnYou). We review Conspiracy 2 spoilers and their impact on eternal magic. We dive deep into creature types, jobs and vehicles. This was recorded the week of the 15th of August.


The Return of the King: TMD Open 17 Winner’s Report

Before The Mana Drain Open 17 was announced, I secretly hoped that TMD Open 16 would be the last one, and that I would get to reign as champion unopposed, indefinitely. Upon the announcement of TMD Open 17, part of me was excited to venture back to Connecticut to defend my title, but another part of me was worried that I would not be able to live up to the expectations that my performance at TMD Open 16 had set. At that tournament I didn’t drop a match and was 14-2 in games on the day. All those wins came after the head judge asked me not to play with my newly altered Trinisphere (courtesy of Roland Chang), which prompted me to switch from Martello Shops to Terra Nova 10 minutes before the player meeting, as my Terra Nova list didn’t play Trinisphere.

NYSE4 Vintage Open – ALL Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

NYSE 4 was played a little while ago, and was another example of great tournament organizing, coupled with lots of community support. A (NYSE) record 157 players attended, with entrance fees of $100 pre-reg or $125 same day, and players traveled from all over the country. Nick Detwiler (aka Prospero) continues to do yeoman’s work promoting and supporting Vintage, even as the format’s recent changes have made him and others wary.