DegenCast Episode 8: Hacksmas 2019 Recap, and the Vintage Metagame

The Hacks (Richard Sponholz and James Easteppe) recap Hacksmas 2019, and discuss the current Vintage metagame, among other things.

00:00 Pulp Fiction + Intro
02:20 Thor’s family makes great BBQ Sauce
02:40 Hacksmas 2k19 Recap – Vintage “FNM”
05:00 Interruption: Rich Explains “Monkey Poo”
06:30 Saturday AM – “Irish Brunch” and HyperExtended (The Battle of the Mounds)
14:00 The REAL “Little Green Men” vs the Impostors
15:20 Jame played a terrible Oath deck (SHOCKING)
18:03 Saturday PM – Hacksmas 2k19 Shit Draft Recap
20:30 Jame is a lucksack in Shit Draft
23:50 Sunday – Hacks Trios (Legacy Unleashed, Vintage, 93/94)
25:00 Shops was AWFUL
26:10 Interruption – GG Alin Jund and Timeshifted Disintegrates
27:30 93/94 Dreams Discussion – Copper Tablet
31:00 The Grudge Match and Rich was scum
33:20 Rusty and The Ambassador got engaged (but not to each other)
33:50 Nebraska’s War/4 Seasons Top 8
34:35 European Vintage Championship Top 8
35:30 Narset restriction = More PO! (SHOCKING) – Discussion
37:10 RIP MUD And the MUD Relief Fund Infomercial
39:20 End of the Year Reflections from the Guys*
48:40 Rich forgets that Lands have had Static effects
1:05:45 A Shitcore Ode to Sean O’Brien
Total runtime: 1:06:13

* = Yes, there’s Another Brainstorm Rant (TM)