Summer Starts with Magic – Announcing Prague Eternal 2014

(Editor’s Note: the following message is from a longtime reader and supporter of Eternal Central, who also is now organizing tournaments in Europe. Please check out this special announcement of a brand new large scale European tournament. Support Vintage everywhere!)

My name is Jan “ZUZY” Zuskac, and I am from Czech Republic. I have been playing Magic for about 14 years now. I started with Extended, and at that time I bought my first Japanese cards. Since that time I have been “pimping” my decks, and as the cards gets older they move into the realm of Vintage. I love Vintage, but it is not played as often as I would like, so I also play Legacy.

After I bought my first Power 9 cards I disappointingly found out that there were no Vintage tournaments in all of Czech Republic! That was about 7 years ago, but now there is the Czech Vintage and Legacy Series – 6 tournaments in Prague, Brno, and Pribram.

BoM Tournament Report – Top 8 with Forgemaster Workshops

My name is Rasmus Vium Fristed, an old school magic player and long time Vintage enthusiast (since 2001). I recently made Top 8 in the main Vintage tournament at Bazaar of Moxen in Paris, and thought I would share my experience. I originally meant to write a report for my fellow Magic players from Denmark in the hope of igniting the smoldering Vintage spark but instead decided to contribute to the global community and write the report in English.

The description of the matches may seem a bit excessive, yet I enjoy this kind of descriptions and hope that you do, too.

So Many Insane Plays – Pitch Burning Tendrils, Other Brews, and Three Tournament Reports

Stephen Menendian’s latest weapon of choice is revealed here, in an epic 45 page primer and three tournament reports (including the Vintage Championship). A compelling read for Vintage enthusiasts and experts alike, Stephen’s nuanced and characteristically detailed analysis of the critical trends in the late 2013 Vintage metagame, innovative deck designs, and updated favorites like Maniac Doomsday, are all part of a must read, end of year Vintage strategy article you won’t find anywhere else. His latest deck is, in his view, the best deck in Vintage going forward, and the perfect weapon for upcoming tournaments.

Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 13: Tournaments Galore!

In episode thirteen of #EverydayEternal, Matt Pavlic (sdematt), Jacob Kory (@MTGKoby), and Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) have a very special guest. Joining the guys is Bazaar of Moxen Legacy winner, Julian Knab (@itsJulian23).

We get reports from Julian and Sean about their trips to Bazaar of Moxen and Eternal weekend as well as some discussion about the events themselves. Of course, results are king! We analyze the metagame after the last few big tournaments and discuss how to prepare for that metagame just in time for Grand Prix: Washington, DC.


Schools of Magic: History of Vintage – The First Ten Years

The first ten chapters in Vintage expert Stephen Menendian’s acclaimed series, Schools of Magic: History of Vintage, are compiled for the first time, weighing in at over 225 pages of unforgettable history. As Magic crosses its 20th anniversary, players are more curious and nostalgic than ever about the game’s colorful history and remarkable growth. As the game’s oldest sanctioned constructed format, the History of Vintage traces back to the origins of the game and reflects the trends and strategic innovations of the game itself. The format that came into existence with the with the first Banned and Restricted List announcement in January, 1994 continues unabated today known as “Vintage.”

GP Brisbane Vintage Side Event Top 8 Decklists

Courtesy of our friend Joshua Butler (@VintageFamilar) we bring you the Top 8 decklists and wrap-up from the GP Brisbane Vintage Side Event (sanctioned!).

“GP Brisbane was a blast and it would not have been complete without a touch of Sanctioned Vintage. In the end, we had 25 brave souls, powered up and ready to battle make their way into the hall to find out who would remain standing in the end. Five very interesting rounds ensued with what could have been a feature match, both due to the calibre of players and the decks involved. Overall this event was great and we had a heap of people watching from the sidelines.

At the end of the Swiss, it was the BUG Fish deck (BUG Fish won the previous Australian Vintage event) who would be on the play for the entire top 8. Unfortunately for our BUG player, he fell in the Semi’s to our eventual second place player. At the end of the day it was Robert Bartlet, running BC Stax who reigned supreme over the other 24 players taking home. Robert was also notable as the only player running Workshops in this event. Robert left the venue with a foil Rare/Mythic Theros Sheet.”

Ovino 8 2013 Vintage Top 8 Decklists and Standings

One of the largest Vintage tournaments of the year was recently held in Milan (Italy) on September 29 2013, and 150 player came out to battle for a deep prize pool and accompanying glory. Daniel Scherer (Grixis Control) defeated Alexey Isupov (Grixis Control) after surviving a Top 8 filled with 7 blue decks and 1 Dredge deck.

We are proud to bring you the Top 8 decklists from the Ovino 8 2013 Vintage tournament, as well as the complete final standings.

Schools of Magic: History of Vintage – 2002

Stephen Menendian completes the first decade of the History of Vintage series with an epic chapter on the tumultuous changes, debates, and dramatic innovations of 2002. Read about the emergence of new strategies like MaskNaught, TnT, and Grow, and read about the heated debates between Patrick Chapin, Oscar Tan, Mark Rosewater and the broader Type I community. Learn about the tournament results that changed the metagame, and the creators and innovators behind them.

Serious Vintage Episode 17: The Human Condition


For episode 17, Geoff (@ThallidTosser on Twitter) and Nat Moes (@GrandpaBelcher) are joined by Steven Stierman, the 4C Humans player who rocked the GenCon 2013 Vintage events with his disarming personality and well-armed aggro deck. We talk about Humans and the GenCon Vintage experience and then go straight to breakfast with a section on pancakes.