Eternal Insight Podcast Episode 2: Reflections from Eternal Weekend, with Danny Batterman

Danny Batterman, the founder of Team Degen and a great innovator creating decks like Steel City Vault, and the newly crowned Living Wish-based Blue Goblin Charbelcher deck dubbed “The People’s Cannon,” has been part of the Vintage community for a long time. With his team that apply Pro Tour-level preparation and secrecy towards Vintage events, they are starting to make waves in the Vintage community with an extremely solid player base that is growing steadily. In this interview we touch base upon Danny’s personal history with Magic, and an in-depth look into the members of Team Degen and the evolution of “The People’s Cannon,” along with his tournament report from Vintage Champs. Clocking in at almost two and a half hours, Danny’s assessment of the metagame, card choices, and the people he chooses to associate and develop cutting edge decks with shows us the blossoming and amazing Vintage community we all associate with.

0:01:00: Danny’s Personal History with Magic: The Gathering
0:26:17: The Members of Team Degen
1:20:42: Deck tech and development of “The People’s Cannon”
1:38:11: Experience and report from Eternal weekend
Total runtime: 2:21:23

Show Notes

Kevin Long’s Mono White Stax SCG Deck Tech
Ben Perry in SCG Cincinatti T8, Ben Perry in SCG Cincinatti T4
Brian Durkin’s 20th Place Dredge deck from 2015 Vintage Champs
2015 Vintage Champs Round 4, Danny Batterman vs. James Bower
Danny Batterman’s Blog