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  • Old School of Thought

    This is how it ends. “How may cards in hand?” The single worst question anyone can ask you in an Old School tournament. One could argue for a ban, as Brian Weissman did in the mid-90s. Whichever way you look at it, Mind Twist is a hell of a card.
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  • Team Tusk Presents: Bulletproof Monk

    When Monastery Mentor was spoiled I immediately knew it was the kind of card that could draw me away from my lord and savior, Mishra. Other creature strategies have risen to prominence over the last few years, mainly centered around Delver of Secrets, but I never felt the urge to sleeve the insect up. I’m not a fan of Delver of Secrets as a magic card or the URx shells it resides in for Vintage. My reasoning is that I get so few chances to play paper Vintage, so when I do I don’t want to play a Legacy deck. For this same reason I don’t want to play something like BUG Tempo in Vintage, or Merfolk, even though they may be viable decks. I want to do borderline broken things with my own spells, or I want to oppress others and make them wish they hadn’t gotten in the car that morning. Hence my affinity for Workshops. On the surface, Monastery Mentor seemed to be on a different level of broken than these other creature pillars, so I set out to put a deck together with it.
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  • So Many Insane Plays – A Comprehensive Guide to Vintage Delver

    (Editor’s Note: This Downloadable Product, originally released January 9 2015, was last updated February 13 2015, to account for the recent restriction of Treasure Cruise, and the incorporation of Dig Through Time in Vintage Delver.)

    In his first major deck primer in over a year, and fresh off his win of Season 1 of the Vintage Super League, Stephen Menendian delves into the depths of Vintage Delver, with over 50 pages of in-depth content. With a comprehensive look at building the deck piece by piece, executing the game plan, sideboarding strategy, and in-game tactics, this is something no serious Vintage fan should miss.
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  • #GiftsWeek – Cobra Gush Gifts & Oath of Gifts

    For our last installment of #GiftsWeek, we thought it appropriate to leave you with a double-dose of devastating decklists. There are so many insane creations being concocted in labs around the globe, and here are two that we have been enjoying recently.
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  • #GiftsWeek – Burning Gifts 2015

    FINALLY! They unrestricted Gifts Ungiven. I like it because it is a very skill intensive card, and I know many of you will agree. Some months ago I dreamt of this very moment, and I wanted to test what I had imagined, so I swapped the Intuitions and Accumulated Knowledges with more copies of Gifts to test in my “Burning Robadeck” deck. I liked what I saw, so my first approach to share with you is detailed below.
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  • #GiftsWeek – So Many Insane Plays – MeanDeck Gifts 2015

    It amazes me how many new Vintage players are out there, and, moreover, how many never played during the Gifts era. In some ways, the Gifts era was the peak period of involvement in the game and the format for myself. It was the height of the StarCityGames Power 9 series circuit, and much more. It was a time of enthusiasm and discovery.
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  • #GiftsWeek – Gifts Rector Omniscience

    In continuing with our rollout of #GiftsWeek here on Eternal Central, I wanted to share with you a deck that has been drifting under the radar for the past year or so, and has only been strengthened with the recent unrestriction of Gifts Ungiven. A deck that can attack from numerous angles, and a deck that is no doubt the most fun I’ve had playing Vintage in years. That deck is Gifts Rector Omniscience.
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  • #GiftsWeek – Gifts Talrand Gush

    The recent restriction of Treasure Cruise in Vintage meant that we were going to rewind a few months to the pre-Khans of Tarkir and pre-Cruise era. But this time we get additional information. We know that aggro-control strategies are hitting hard (being it Wasteland decks, or Delver ones), preying on Blue decks that have thus far been ill-equipped to handle the onslaught of powerful and efficient creatures. Workshops are also preying on this, as Chalice of the Void is more potent than ever, and Wasteland can be crushing against low mana ratio decks. Oath of Druids being a natural predator to both of these strategies has vaulted it to the forefront as well. And last but not least, we have the unrestriction of the previously format-defining Gifts Ungiven.
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  • In the Lab – Building Survival Decks in Modern Vintage

    Hello guys, the heat is on! I am in the mood for writing about my favorite card of all time, so take this article with a grain of salt. I am slightly biased about what is the coolest / techiest / most insane card in Magic’s history – Survival of the Fittest!
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  • A Vintage Experience at Prague Eternal – Top 8 Report

    Hello and welcome to my first Vintage article! Vintage? Why would a Legacy fanatic write about Vintage? I had the opportunity to experience this format a few weeks back at the Prague Eternal event, and did rather well while also enjoying myself, and wanted to share that fun with you.
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  • Ovinogeddon 9 Report – 2nd Place with Miracles

    Like many others, I have heard a lot about the legend of Ovinogeddon. It is the second largest non-WotC run Eternal tournament in Europe (only behind the grand Bazaar of Moxen). It takes place every year in Milano, Italy’s most expensive city. Luckily my good friend Igor Panigada, who lives in Prague, is originally from the Lombardia’s capital. He was going and wanted us to attend as well. He told us about extremely cheap return tickets from Easy Jet (they were only 55 Euros!), and got us an amazing hotel not far from metro, only 10 minutes by foot away from the site. He even started and edited a private Facebook page where he told us literally everything we needed to know about Italy, Milano and playing Magic in Italy. Otherwise we wouldn’t have watched several videos about the airport pickpockets, and wouldn’t have researched 25 Top 8s of past Italian Legacy tournaments. It is amazing to have such a friend, so thank you Igor!
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  • Old School Magic 93-94 – RW Tax Edge

    Welcome to our second installment on Old School 93-94 Magic decks. We’ll take a look at a Land Tax + Land’s Edge combo deck, which I recently piloted in a friendly Old School Magic get together in Chicago (IL, USA).
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  • Old School Magic 93-94 – BantamGeddon

    There’s nothing like the sight of a pair of Arabian Nights Serendib Efreets, staring down an Alpha Serra Angel. Well, maybe a double Beta Dark Ritual into a heavily played Juzam Djinn sitting staunchly across from an Alpha Juggernaut, freshly cast on the first turn off of a well-loved Mox and a Mishra’s Workshop. Welcome to our first installment on Old School 93-94 Magic decks!
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  • So Many Insane Plays – Top 8 at NYSE Open 2, a Tournament Report

    (Editor’s Note: This was originally published by, and has been re-edited and published here for archival purposes, with the approval of the author and
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  • A Magic Game Theory

    Greetings, and welcome to another article of Magic Theory, which is a bit different than my Miracle-centric content that you may be accustomed to. I will neither tell you which deck to play at your next Legacy event, nor how you should be preparing for tournaments to come. First we will take a look at the principles of Game Theory. Then I will try to convey the messages that we learned by taking a look at these principles to our beloved game, Magic: the Gathering. So let’s get it going, right?
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  • Solving Problems and Intuition

    Hello, today we’ll be talking about something slightly different than Miracles. I won’t be telling you which deck to play or how to improve your Limited game. We’ll dive head first into the theory of our beloved game. Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be able to play on a high level for nine straight rounds without punting too much due to being tired? Have you ever thought about how people are able to outplay opponents in the finals of a Grand Prix, after playing for hours and hours and still not misplaying?
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  • The Dredge of Glory – An Introduction to Manaless Dredge in Vintage

    Dredge is a historical powerhouse in Vintage. Graveyard mages fueled by the unholy alliance of Ichorid, Bazaar of Baghdad, and Golgari Grave-Troll have consistently put up results. The deck has fought Mishra’s Workshop decks for the title of ‘Premiere Colorless Deck’ and occasionally won – including a Vintage Championship. There have been many iterations of the deck, with the non-Dredge maindeck components being the key marker that set one apart from another. In some cases this has consisted of free disruption like Chalice of the Void and Unmask. In others acceleration like Breakthrough and Brainstorm is the norm. In the current environment, it most often consists of anti-hate cards like Nature’s Claim, Ingot Chewer, and Chain of Vapor. Of course, the graveyard portion of the deck is highly modular and virtually anything can be run in the remaining space, provided the mana costs and mana-production align.
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  • Prague Eternal 2014 Legacy Report – Only Second Best

    Prague finally has a big Eternal tournament. The organizer, Jan “Zuzy” Zuskač decided to organize something like Ovino or BoM here in our lovely capital, but unlike those other tournaments, this was something a little bit more relaxed. As he said, “by players, for players,” and I must say it was the best Legacy event I have attended in a long time.
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  • Resource Advantage in Magic Part 2: Tempo

    In today’s article we’ll examine card advantage and tempo, attempting to unravel the mystery of how some decks are able to ignore or sacrifice card advantage and still perform successfully.
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  • N.Y.S.E. Open II Report: When 2nd Place Is Good Enough

    “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”
    -Isaac Newton

    Never forget the people that helped you get to where you are today.

    I’ve taken advice and suggestions about Vintage from anyone and everyone since I started playing competitive Vintage seriously in 2007. The insight and knowledge I’ve gleaned in that time has undoubtedly made me the player I am today.
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  • Building on a Budget – The Top 15 Cheap Modern Cards

    Today I’d like to ponder a bit about what in my opinion are the best and most underrated cards in the Modern format. Modern card prices have rocketed in the last two years, and unfortunately a ban like that of Deathrite Shaman can make a card like Noble Hierarch rise up to the 40€ out of nowhere.

    This is no coincidence, and even though I’ve seen a few decks that power themselves with this card (Birthing Pod being the main deck), I still haven’t seen that much use for it (outside of Pod), and 40€+ is waaaay overpriced for an enhanced version of a Birds of Paradise. Modern is very unstable when it comes to prices. The rise or fall of one tier deck can increase the price of even an uncommon card by 200%, or plummet it to almost nothing.
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  • Resource Advantage in Magic Part 1: One-Shot Resources

    Magic the Gathering is a game of resource management. While the quirks of particular cards will drive certain formats, the general principles of resource management will dictate how one should best address particular strategies. Using resource management as a lens through which to view Magic decks, archetypes, and even entire formats will allow players to make unprecedented connections and reach new levels of understanding.
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  • There and Back Again – Believe in Miracles!

    In today’s article we’ll look at how my version of Legacy Miracles has evolved since Grand Prix: Paris!
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  • Vintage Masters Sneak Peek – Vaulting Through Vintage

    In the pantheon of historical Vintage/Type I decks, there are few strategies that have the ruthless efficiency of untapping Time Vault to take extra turns repeatedly. Taking extra turns in Magic has always been fun (thank you, Time Walk!), but taking all the turns is even better.
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