Madison Offensive 2018 Old School 93-94 Coverage

The Lords of the Pit and Eternal Central are proud to present coverage of the second annual Madison Offensive, a charity Old School Magic 93-94 event held in Madison, Wisconsin (USA). The charity for this year’s event was Charles S. Brownell Elementary School, a local school in Chicago.

Last year Chicago’s Lords of the Pits held a private event in Madison dubbed the Madison Offensive, to loop more of the Wisconsin players in, and 24 people showed up to battle. This year, we decided early on to open up registration to anybody, and were expecting about 30 people in Illinois and Wisconsin to travel for a small get together drinking German beer. 58 people ended up pre-registering from across 8 states, and 55 showed up to battle on game day, blowing away our expectations. Many old and new faces showed up, many new friends were made, and a number of regional connections for future play groups were forged.

This event’s charity was a local school in Chicago, and entrance fees were physical donations of school supplies for young students in need of assistance. Tons of scientific calculators, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, highlighters, and everything else you can think of were collected, to the tune of about $800+ worth of supplies, and we are very thankful for the community support.

After the main event, we had a large reservation at another local watering hole, the German bar Essen Haus. 25 mages arrived to sling Old School 95, and drink and be merry. After most of the playing was done we had a separate prize pool of 95 giveaways, which were fought tooth and nail over in a series of Chaos Orb sudden death battles.

Pairings and Standings

6 rounds of Swiss were played, rather than recommended 7 for Swiss+1, due to facility time constraints.

Pairings and Final Standings
Round 1 Pairings
Round 2 Pairings
Round 3 Pairings
Round 4 Pairings
Round 5 Pairings
Round 6 Pairings
Final Standings

Metagame Breakdown

Here is a sortable table that shows all players and associated decks played (you can sort by name, deck type, or prize awarded).

First NameLast NameDecklistAwarded
BobAgraRUG Tempo
MikeBarrisGW Erhnam Geddon
NateBeckerGrixis Aggro
ChrisBergesonErhnam and Robots (RG)
BrendonBowersoxBlack Blue
NateBullingtonGrixis Aggro
MikeButzenEsper Abyss Aggro
JasonChambers13EvilOrm's-By-Gore.decMost Creative Deck 1st Place
CurtChristianGrixis Control
DanDeckerWhite Weenie
DannyDunaway69 Card Mono Red Goblin Burn
LorienEllemanPink Weenie
TrevorEnglandMono White Control
TylerEttersGWR Erhnam Geddon06 Place After Swiss Rounds
BrentEverestThe Deck
PeterFrankeMono Red Burn
DannyFriedmanFeldon's Prison
PaulFullerURW Aggro Control
TimGavinUG Berserk Aggro
JoelG'GarmThe Deck02 Place After Swiss Rounds
MattHahnRUG Atog
JasonJacoNaya Bazaar Zoo03 Place After Swiss Rounds
EricJensenBlack Red
SamKrohlowTime Vault Combo
AndreaLonghiErhnam and Burn Em (RG)
RonLonghiMono Black
DavidLuetyPink Weenie05 Place After Swiss Rounds
StephenMaldonadoPink Weenie
RayMattsonPsychic DreamsMost Creative Deck 3rd Place
AndrewMcLennanUW Skies
MithBantamGeddon07 Place After Swiss Rounds
JohnMolseedAsmadi Flare
MattMossWorkshop Aggro Grixis
NathanMullenNaya Bazaar Zoo
JustinNewmanRUG Tempo
FrankPEsper Skies
JasonPaulUR Control
CarterPetray5C Justice League LegendsMost Creative Deck 4th Place
DanPiquardMono Black
JustinPittsWhite Weenie
JohnRaysaBlack White
DanRechRed White Skies
NickRohrErhnam and Burn Em (RG)
GreggSeaversonTrump's Wall (Animate Wall Control)Most Creative Deck 2nd Place
TiffanySeaversonPink Weenie08 Place After Swiss Rounds
ShaneSemmens4C Arabian Aggro
JeffSimpson5C Fatties04 Place After Swiss Rounds
MikeSolymossyMono Black01 Place After Swiss Rounds
TimSteeleGW Erhnam Geddon
MattThompson4C Aggro Control
JamesTorkJunk (BWG)
BrandonTurnerBlack Blue
RobertVincentMono Red CandleFlare

ALL Decklists, Alphabetically, by Last Name

Bob Agra – RUG Tempo

Mike Barris – GW Erhnam Geddon

Nate Becker – Grixis Aggro

Chris Bergeson – Erhnam and Robots (RG)

Brendon Bowersox – Black Blue

Nate Bullington – Grixis Aggro

Mike Butzen – Esper Abyss Aggro

Jason Chambers – 13EvilOrm’s-By-Gore.dec (Most Creative Deck 1st Place)

Curt Christian – Grixis Control

Dan Decker – White Weenie

Danny Dunaway – 69 card Mono Red Goblin Burn

Lorien Elleman – Pink Weenie

Trevor England – Mono White Control

Tyler Etters – GWR Ehrnam Geddon

Brent Everest – The Deck

Peter Franke – Mono Red Burn

Danny Friedman – Feldon’s Prison

Paul Fuller – URW Aggro Control

Tim Gavin – UG Berserk Aggro

Joel G’Garm – The Deck

Matt Hahn – RUG Atog

Jason Jaco – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Eric Jensen – Black Red

Sam Krohlow – Time Vault Combo

Andrea Longhi – Ehrnam and Burn Em (RG)

Ron Longhi – Mono Black

David Luety – Pink Weenie

Stephen Maldonado – Pink Weenie

Ray Mattson – Psychic Dreams (Most Creative Deck 3rd Place)

Andrew McLennan – UW Skies

Mith – BantamGeddon

John Molseed – Asmadi Flare

Matt Moss – Workshop Aggro Grixis

Nathan Mullen – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Justin Newman – RUG Tempo

Frank P – Esper Skies

Jason Paul – UR Control

Benjermin Perry – Eureka

Carter Petray – 5C Justice League Legends (Most Creative Deck 4th Place)

Dan Piquard – Mono Black

Justin Pitts – White Weenie

John Raysa – Black White

Dan Rech – Red White Skies

Nick Rohr – Erhnam and Burn Em (RG)

Gregg Seaverson – Trump’s Wall (Animate Wall Control) (Most Creative Deck 2nd Place)

Tiffany Seaverson – Pink Weenie

Shane Semmens – 4C Arabian Aggro


Jeff Simpson – 5C Fatties

Mike Solymossy – Mono Black

Tim Steele – GW Erhnam Geddon

Matt Thompson – 4C Aggro Control

James Tork – Junk (BWG)

Brandon Turner – Black Blue

Robert Vincent – Mono Red CandleFlare

Tournament Action and Wrapup

The Calm Before the Signing

Signed Prizes

Perry (Eureka) vs. Longhi (Mono Black)

Jaco (Naya Bazaar Zoo) vs. Mullen (Naya Bazaar Zoo)

Tork (Junk) vs. Mattson (Psychic Dreams)

Etters (Naya Geddon) vs. Fuller (URW Aggro Control)

Semmens (4C Arabian Aggro) vs. Hahn (RUG Atog)

Paul (UR Control) vs. Seaverson (Pink Weenie)

Jaco (Naya Bazaar Zoo) vs. Mith (BantamGeddon)

Mattson (Psychic Dreams) vs. Raysa (Black White)

Maldonado (Pink Weenie) vs. Longhi (Erhnam and Burn Em RG)

Essen Haus Old School 95 Prizes

Essen Haus Live Entertainment

Essen Haus 95 Afterparty

Essen Haus 95 Orb Flipping

Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially those who helped with logistics and running the tournament (Bob Agra and Shane Semmens). As we move forward experimenting with more changes we hope to make each event more unique and fun. For any corrections, comments, follow up, or to send us any action shots to add to this report, please email