North America Vintage Champs 2017 – ALL Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

North America Vintage Champs has once again come and gone, and an impressive 427 players attended this year, improving noticeably upon last year’s 343 players. For all of the grousing that a vocal minority do online, this was the second largest Vintage Champs of all time, only behind 2015’s high water mark of 462 players. As usual, Nick Coss and all of tireless staff at Card Titan did an outstanding job organizing and running the events at Eternal Weekend, and should be commended for growing and supporting the community.

The number of players for Vintage Champs called for 10 rounds of Swiss on Friday, followed by the Top 8 playoff on Sunday. After the rubble cleared from the battle, 5 Workshop Aggro decks and 3 Oath of Druids decks were left standing. The Top 8 featured some big names, Top 8 repeaters, and new faces. Eric Vergo would be the lone player at 8-2 to make the cut to Top 8, edging out 13 other players at 8-2 (with 24 points) on tiebreakers. Eric was also the lone player to Top 8 both Vintage Champs (with Workshop Aggro) AND Legacy Champs (with RUG Delver) this weekend, which is incredibly impressive on its own.

Top 8 Playoff Bracket

1 Andy Markiton (Workshop Ravager Aggro) vs. 8 Eric Vargo (Workshop Ravager Aggro) – Markiton wins 2-0
2 Rich Shay (Workshop Ravager Aggro) vs. 7 Brian Durkin (Workshop Ravager Aggro) – Shay wins 2-1
3 Pat Fehling (Oath) vs. 6 Brian Kelly (Oath) – Fehling wins 2-1
4 Michael Kiesel (Workshop Ravager Aggro) vs. 5 Ibrahim Aldridge (Oath) – Kiesel wins 2-0

1 Andrew Markiton (Workshop Ravager Aggro) vs. Michael Kiesel (Workshop Ravager Aggro) – Markiton wins 2-0
2 Rich Shay (Workshop Ravager Aggro) vs. Patrick Fehling (Oath) – Shay wins 2-0

1 Andrew Markiton (Workshop Ravager Aggro) vs. 2 Rich Shay (Workshop Ravager Aggro) – Markiton (aka Montolio) wins 2-1!

Standings After Swiss (21 Points or Better)

PlaceLast NameFirst NameDeck
1MarkitonAndrewWorkshop Ravager Aggro
2ShayRichWorkshop Ravager Aggro
3FehlingPatrickOath (Inferno)
4KieselMichaelWorkshop Ravager Aggro
6KellyBrianOath (Inferno)
7DurkinBrianWorkshop Ravager Aggro
8VergoEricWorkshop Ravager Aggro
9HolmMichaelDredge (Non-Pitch)
10SolymossyMikeMentor UWR
11DiJohnNicholasWorkshop Ravager Aggro
12TeaganKyleLandstill UW
13WalshSteveDredge (Non-Pitch)
14BalakrishnanVasuStoneBlade UWR
15MartinRussWorkshop Ravager Aggro
16ChenShawnBlue Moon
17BhagatZoharDelver URG
18PinaMateoParadoxical Outcome 4C
19OrtizJoseWorkshop Ravager Aggro
20EberhardtRyanMentor 4C
21KarhadeRugvedLandstill UW
23Fleischmann-RoseDavidOath (Paradoxical)
24GrudzinaJohnBUG w/Red
25SuiXinMentor UWR
26RockenbachBryanMentor UWR
27BarkonDanWorkshop Ravager Aggro
28GonzalezRubenGrixis Control
29NaiduAkashGrixis Control
30ArceMarkLandstill UW
31MurataTonyWorkshop Ravager Aggro
32RolkoCharlesWorkshop Ravager Aggro
33SteinerCaseyDelver UR (BUDGET)
34SomersStuWorkshop Ravager Aggro
35PerciavalleChrisMono Red Moon Control
36KibnerAlexWorkshop Ravager Aggro
37CadyJamesWorkshop Ravager Aggro
38DebroskyEricOath (Show and Tell)
39KaplanDavidDelver URW
40KadlecRobertMentor UWR
41GlackinRyanDredge (Non-Pitch)
42MadduxRyanDelver URW
43LakeMarshallGrixis Control
44BesserJeremyDredge (Non-Pitch)
45FrankAndrewMono Red Moon Control (BUDGET)
46HoqMinhajulDredge (Pitch)
47CotterAndrewWorkshop Ravager Aggro
48HarveyStephenOath (Show and Tell)
49HoMartinJacoDrazi (BUDGET)
50YuJarvisParadoxical Outcome UBW
51WaltonChristopherLandstill UW (BUDGET)
52WuAndyWorkshop Ravager Aggro
53PonceNateDredge (Pitch)
54TablerMichaelOath (Show and Tell)
55SchroederMaximillianRector Omniscience
57HurdAndrewDredge (Non-Pitch)
58MulchNathanDredge (Non-Pitch)

Metagame Report

A special mention and huge thank you must be given to Matt Murray (aka chubbyrain) and Ryan Eberhardt (aka diophan), who both put in extremely long hours for the community each week and month, to help collect and analyze the data you often see in metagame reports here and elsewhere. The community is much enriched for their personal sacrifice, so please thank them when you see them in person. The original breakdown and corresponding discussion can be found on TheManaDrain here. Classification of these decks, especially as many are hybrid strategies, can always be tricky, and Matt has briefly described the process here. Here is the FULL SPREADSHEET, including Archetype/Subarchetypes, Rounds, Wins, etc. (Google Sheets), so you can drill down and further manipulate the information as you see fit.

ArchetypeNumber of DecksPercentage of Field
Blue Control7718.03%
BUG Fish245.62%
Big Blue184.22%
Null Rod143.28%

Win %vs. Shopsvs. Eldrazivs. Dredgevs. Fishvs. Oathvs. Paradoxicalvs. Xeroxvs. Combovs. Big Bluevs. Blue Controlvs. Other
Big Blue55.56%62.50%33.33%63.64%21.43%50.00%35.29%75.00%50.00%66.67%28.57%
Blue Control41.67%54.84%51.35%51.72%54.55%83.33%50.00%73.33%33.33%50.00%64.71%
SubarchetypeNumber% of Metagame
Other Shops102.34%
White Eldrazi163.75%
Eldrazi Tribal286.56%
BUG Fish255.85%
Paradoxical Oath30.70%
2 Card Monte40.94%
Other Combo51.17%
Other Big Blue51.17%
Grixis NW51.17%
Blue Moon40.94%
Other Control133.04%
Other Other81.87%

ALL Decklists, Alphabetically by Last Name

This year we’ve done something slightly differently, and that is include ALL of the decklists from the event in one file that you can save and peruse on your own time. Rather than including a massive wall of text on this page, we’ve created a downloadable PDF file containing ALL of the scanned decklists from the event, in alphabetical order (by last name). The PDF file also contains clickable bookmarks (using Acrobat reader, click on the ribbon icon), which you can use to go directly to decks from player last names starting with A, B, C, and so forth. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE IN FULL (62 MB). Use the embed below to view directly without downloading.

BUDGET Top 4 Decklists

1st (33rd Place) – Casey Steiner w/UR Delver
2nd (45th Place) – Andrew Frank w/Mono Red Moon Control
3rd (49th Place) – Martin Ho w/JacoDrazi
4th (51st Place) – Christopher Walton w/UW Landstill

Once again, we’ve created a downloadable PDF file containing these 4 scanned decklists from the event, in order listed above. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE IN FULL (2.5 MB). Use the embed below to view directly without downloading.

Video Roundup

Until these hit YouTube later this week, please see Card Titan’s Twitch archive here: We’ll update this section with a YouTube embed of the Vintage Champs playlist once Card Titan has edited/archived it, and it’s ready to go.
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Round 2 Feature Match Andrew Probasco vs. Andrew Hurd
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Round 3 Feature Match Dave Brennan vs. Matt Buck
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Round 4 Feature Match Sean O’Brien vs. Mike Solymossy
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Round 5 Feature Match William Dalton vs. Rich Shay
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Round 6 Feature Match Ruben Gonzalez vs. Adam Saba
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Round 7 Feature Match Akash Naidu vs. Kevin Cron
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Round 8 Feature Match Paul Blakely vs. Stu Somers
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Round 9 Feature Match Brian Kelly vs. Akash Naidu
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Round 10 Feature Match Andy Markiton vs. Russ Martin
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Quarterfinals
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Semifinals
Vintage Championship 2017 NA Finals

Report Roundup

Soly with Jeskai Tokens (10th place)
Stuart Z with White Eldrazi

If you have a report you’d like to submit, or any other data, please email Thanks for reading!