MTG BARATO Legacy News and Results!

First day of the 1st MTG Barato Open is officially finished.

Hugo López and Antonio Escamilla decided to split the final prize of this awesome 138 players tournament!

The 8 best players from the swiss were:

  1. Guillem Ragull 21 points (RG Goblins)
  2. Antonio Escamilla 20 points (Landstill)
  3. Alex del Valle 19 points (Reanimator)
  4. Francisco Segura 19 points
  5. Antonio Romero 19 points (Zoo)
  6. Josué López 19 points
  7. David Gómez 19 points (Survival)
  8. Hugo López 19 points


  • Guillem Ragull (RG Goblins) VS Hugo López (BANT) 0-2
  • Antonio Romero (Zoo) VS Francisco Segura 2-0
  • Alex del Valle (Reanimator) VS Josué López 2-0
  • David Gómez (Survival) VS Antonio Escamilla (Landstill) 1-2


  • Hugo López (BANT) VS Antonio Romero (Zoo) 2-1
  • Alex del Valle (Reanimator) VS Antonio Escamilla (Landstill) 1-2


Split between Hugo and Antonio.

The videos will come as soon as possible. I also recorded some random games from important players during the event.

The metagame was, as expected, REALLY aggro. Lots of Goblins, lots of Merfolks and insane amount of Zoo players. One player reached the semifinals with Reanimator, proving that, in the end, the deck might not really need Mystical Tutor that much.

Right now I don’t have a lot of time, as we are heading for dinner soon. On my way back, I’ll try to update this post with some pictures and more detailed data of the event. I got all the lists and will post the Top8 decklists asap. The rest of the analysis will be made by César Fernández in a similar way than he did for the last BOM4.

Remember that tomorrow we’ll have the Vintage Event!