Lords’ Haus 2020 Event Coverage

This past weekend the Lords of the Pit held a private getaway, nestled in the middle of nowhere near the western edge of Illinois. A chance to step back from open events for one weekend, a private compound hosted 36 Lords & Company, as an opportunity to have an intimate “club championship” and multi-format Magic celebration.

With events and gaming opportunities seemingly running around the clock all weekend, we ended up playing Middle School, Old School, Vintage, Revised 40 for Ballers, Old School 95 EDH, Chaos Drafting, and more. There was also a pool party, karaoke, scotch tasting, a Chaos Orb Trick Shot contest, and copious amounts of partying. There were no shortage of cards shuffled, dice rolled, and Orbs flipped throughout the weekend.

Pairings and Standings

The Lords’ Haus featured full multi-round Middle School, Vintage, and Old School tournaments. Andrew McLennan won the Middle School Cage Match event with Mono Red Goblins, and Tim Baran took down the Early Riser Vintage event with Jeskai Dreadhorde Control. For the sake of brevity, we’ll skip the rest of the details on those events, other than in the photo coverage below.

In the main Old School 94 event we had 35 players, and played 6 rounds of Swiss, with a cut to a Top 8 playoff (slightly different than our normal Swiss+1 structure; still no draws allowed!). Lord Petray made it through the Swiss rounds unscathed, and then valiantly battled his way through a stacked Top 8 to claim the prize with Atog URG. He has been tuning his Scryb Sprite and Argothian Pixies-fueled speedboat over the past month, and he ultimately raced to a 9-0 record in the event.

All attendees were asked to bring an entrance fee of anything over the suggested amount of $20, and then prizes would be drafted in order of finish from this pool. Additionally, each event throughout the weekend also featured event stamped and group signed cards that each player would claim afterwards.

Final Standings After Swiss

Old School 94 Decks

Bob Agra – Storytime (UWR Shahrazad)

Tim Baran – UWR AC

Ian Blank – Mono Black

Mike Butzen – Workshop Aggro UWB

Matt Dennis – BR Storm of Mephistopheles

Dominic Dotterer – missing

Danny Dunaway – Black White

Lorien Elleman – UWB AC

Tyler Etters – NayaGeddon

Alan Finney – 4C Juzam Troll

Danny Friedman – The Deck

Lord Hahn – Titania’s Fist of Legend

Kyle Houtman – Workshop Aggro UWB

Rajah James – Storytime (UWR Shahrazad)

Jaco – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Greg Kotscharjan – Pink Weenie

Sam Krohlow – Power Monolith 5C

Andy MacDougall – UW AC

Ray Mattson – BW Prison

Andrew McLennan – UG Berserk

Matt Moss – Atog URB

Jason Paul – URB Control

Benjermin Perry – Eureka

Carter Petray – Atog URG

Dan Piquard – Pink Weenie

Nick Rohr – Mono Black Control

Matt S – The Deck

Ryan Sala – Guardian Beast Good Stuff

Brandon Sanders – Mono Black Ashnod’s Terminator

Justin Schrank – UW Sleight Knight

Shane Semmens – MirrorBall

David Velasco – BG Berserk

Robert Vincent – Orcish Spy Millstone

Michael Walker – Black White

Anthony Zinni – The Deck

Action and Photo Report

Lords’ Haus, the Compound

Lords’ Haus, the Creek

Lords’ Haus Bar, Pregaming

Old School Sanders (UWB Skies) vs. Etters (Naya)

Old School Finals Petray (Atog URG) vs. James (UWR Shahrazad)

Old School Winner Petray Celebrates in Relief

Old School Card Signing

Old School Signed Prizes

Vintage Mullen (Pitch Hollow Vine) vs. James (Pitch Hollow Vine)

Vintage Jaco (Paradoxical Gearhulk Oath) vs. Matt (UWR Xerox Breach)

Vintage Krohlow (Doomsday Oracle) vs. Moss (Workshop Aggro)

Vintage Agra (UWR Xerox Breach) vs. Baran (UWR Dreadhorde Control)

Vintage Signed Prizes

Middle School, Lords’ Haus Cage Match Edition

Middle School at the Bar

Middle School Dennis (Madness Survival UG) vs. Petray (UR Trix)

Middle School Hahn (Cadaverous Enchantress) vs. Houtman (Mono Red Sneak Attack)

Middle School Elleman (Madness Survival UGW) vs. Jaco (Psychatog UB), Llawan FTW!

Middle School Signed Prizes

Old School 95 EDH, Shane About to Win Again with Banshee

Old School 95 EDH, Heads of State

Legacy Mullen (4C Loam) vs. Baran (4C Control)

Baller Revised 40 Butzen (Mono Red JuggernAtog) vs. MacDougall (Mono White Millstone)

Baller Revised 40 Vincent (Flare RGB) vs. Velasco (Black Red Rats)

Baller Revised 40 Dotterer (Mono Blue Millstone) vs. MacDougall (Mono White Millstone)

Gaming Everywhere

Lords’ Haus, Pool Party Area

Lords’ Haus, The Birdhaus

Lords’ Haus, Recovery Chambers

Butzen and Dunaway Discussing Wisconsin Old Fashioneds

Scotch Tasting with Shane

Expressions of Scotland

Pitcast, Live from Lords’ Haus

Shaman Ben, Live from Lords’ Haus

Orb Flipping Madness

Orb Flipping Madness, Krohlow from 3+ Feet

Orb Flipping Madness, Semmens Over Two Coupes of Malort

Orb Flipping Madness, Jaco Off Mullen’s Shoulder

Orb Flipping Madness, Walker Behind the Neck No Look

Orb Flipping Madness, Mullen From the Ceiling

Orb Flipping Madness, Mullen Wins!

Late Night Karaoke, Piquard

Late Night Karaoke, Petray and Agra Duet

Late Night Karaoke, Butzen Battle Raps

Late Night Karaoke, Sala and Piquard Duet

Early Morning Chaos Drafting

Lords of the Pit, Original Gangsters

Lords’ Haus Bar, A View to a Kill

Lords’ Haus, Serenity Now

This was a great way to experience Magic, strengthen the bonds of friendship, and have time and space to get to know friends in a more intimate setting. Many thanks must go out to Bob Agra and the other Lords for organizing and executing such an event. A tournament report from the Old School winner Carter Petray will soon be available on lordsofthepit.com, so be sure to bookmark that site and check it out from time to time. Thank you to everybody who came out to play, and we hope to see you again soon. As we move forward experimenting with more changes we hope to make each event more unique and fun. For any corrections, comments, follow up, or to send us any action shots to add to this report, please email eternalcentral@gmail.com.