DegenCast Episode 9: Legacy

The Hacks (Richard Sponholz and James Easteppe) discuss Old School, Vintage, Legacy, and gatherings.

00:00 Intro and Northern Stronghold Vintage FNM
04:40 UW Lantern – It’s not good against Dredge
09:20 An unnecessarily long and rambling story about GP Hoth (GP Louisville 2017, Legacy; Polar Vortex)
11:05 Saturday Old School Recap
16:03 The Grudge Match: The Hackfather vs TURN AND BURN (Aussie Highlander)
18:13 Drunk Cubing and why you shouldn’t do it (RIP Tetravus)
20:30 Cool Vintage Lists – Painter (Justin Gennari/IamActuallyLvL1)
29:20 Cool Vintage Lists – Bazaar Beatdown (Andy Markiton/Montolio)
32:05 Quarterly “Legacy for Cash” Preview discussion – Atomic Empire (Durham, NC)
34:10 Breach Freeze
36:00 Echo of Eons/ Urza (RIP Tezzerator)
39:50 Legacy Jund with Hexdrinker
41:10 Legacy Eldrazi
48:30 Jeremy Aronson’s $40k Legacy Tournament (With SANCTIONED VINTAGE and EC Old School side events)
55:05 Hacksmageddon (Charlotte, NC the weekend of GP CLT – More details to come!)
56:30 James goes on a Rant about CFB Events (again), and more discussions about the state of Legacy in 2020
1:03:55 James Quotes Ghandi
1:05:05 We almost finished the episode without talking about the Blue Stew
Total runtime: 1:07:51

Grudge Matches
The Hacks invite you all to participate in a little something we’re trying, to foster a little good in our local communities. At every Hacks Northern Stronghold event at least 1 callout is issued for a best of 5 match of an agreed upon format, with $50 on the line to be donated to the charity of the winner’s choice. With the Hacks’ roots being in Old School, charity is very important to us and we invite anyone who feels like engaging in this practice to start calling out your friends in support of your local charities. Doing a Grudge Match? We’d love to hear about it! Email your story and some pics to and we’ll put them on our website,!