DegenCast Episode 17: Winter Derby Recap and PuPu Platter

The Hacks return to discuss Winter Derby Old School, CamJam Old School, Vintage, Legacy, and #cryptobros.

00:00 Bumpin’
00:49 Hackfather’s Dreams get crushed
01:35 Guest intro
02:35 Eric Martin tells Texas stories
03:34 Eric Martin and Hackfather try to name cards banned instead of Delver
06:48 Minds break over Ragavan
09:37 Financial implications of MTG Design and format management
10:34 Urza’s Saga discussion
13:31 Eric Martin draws heel heat
14:14 Eric Martin’s Winter Derby deck
14:54 Eric Martin’s MVP: Maze of Ith
16:03 Honorable mention: FORCE EFFING SPIKE
22:05 Eric’s Derby highlights
25:15 KS’ Derby review
26:42 KS deck tech and Derby highlights
30:44 Havenwood plans
36:23 CamJam 2022 plans
50:45 How deep must Hackfather go into the underground to win a CamJam match?
52:40 4 Strip math
55:00 Cryptocurrency sidetrack
58:18 Wrap-up, and obligatory #banbrainstorm
60:52 Cussin’
Total runtime: 1:01:28