DegenCast Episode 12: Better Late Than Never

The crew is back with a new episode after a long hiatus, and this is a long one! Join Richard Sponholz and James Easteppe on another cavalcade of buffoonery, as they discuss “current” events in MTG, and embody what the kids these days call “paper boomers.”

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:35 The Death of the DCI (Yes, this episode has parts that are that old. Shut up.)
0:03:10 Brief B&R Updates & the Companion Mechanic (Look, just trust me. v1 of ep 12 sucked)
0:10:50 Let’s talk about Legacy (and why we’re both kinda of sick of it)
0:30:50 Now that we’ve whined a bunch, lets talk about Vintage! BAZAAR OF BAGHDAD SPECIAL
0:31:40 Bazaar Aggro discussion
0:35:30 Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOO-GAAK!
0:40:10 “The Riddler”
0:43:42 A Bizarre Bazaar Discussion
0:53:45 Double-Bulk Rare Masters (But the full-art cards are sick-looking)
1:05:32 “Rich Discovers the Full-Art Double Masters Cards”
1:10:26 What are you going to miss most about in-person EW?
1:14:51 What OS Means to us (and we swoon about Mark Brothers again because he’s hot)
1:17:18 LobsterCom 2020 Preview (we’re going to have 2 upcoming episodes on this so we keep it brief)
1:26:49 Outro
Total runtime: 1:27:19