DegenCast Episode 13: Dave Firth Bard and LobsterCom 2020

Richard Sponholz and James Easteppe are joined by a very special guest, a founding member of New England Old School scene and prolific Old School tournament organizer, Dave Firth Bard. We talk about his history with the game, the growth and cultivation of the New England Old School scene, and most importantly in 2020, webcam Magic, as well as the recent LobsterCom webcam OS tournament he hosted. Can we finish the episode before James drinks himself into a stupor? No, but we can make it sound that way through the magic of editing!

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:00 Dave’s history with Magic
00:07:55 Discussing and loving ante, and “40k”
00:12:48 Webcam tournaments
00:17:55 The origins of NEOS, and the growth of the national OS scene
00:24:25 Southeastern OS scene, James’ history of verbally abusing Rich
00:27:10 The origins of Dave as tournament organizer
00:30:00 No one likes Worchester, MA
00:36:45 Dave recaps the webcam OS of 2020 (it is a lot)
00:45:40 LobsterCom 2020
00:46:00 The friday night boil
00:47:45 “7/11”
00:53:10 Beasts Old School 1.5
00:56:32 LobsterCom 2020 and Atlantic OS
01:02:20 The story of Atlantic OS and its philosophy
01:10:15 Worst sushi joint ever, and DFB and Rich finally meet
01:12:30 Workshop in Atlantic
01:18:50 Hymn and The Rack are good Magic cards
01:22:05 Drunk James talks about blue again
01:23:40 The Lightning Ball – EC Rules OS 11/21/2020, 4pm EST
01:24:45 James doesn’t know how time zones work
01:28:40 Closing thoughts
01:33:00 Outro
Total runtime: 01:33:31