N.Y.S.E. Open II Report: When 2nd Place Is Good Enough

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”
-Isaac Newton

Never forget the people that helped you get to where you are today.

I’ve taken advice and suggestions about Vintage from anyone and everyone since I started playing competitive Vintage seriously in 2007. The insight and knowledge I’ve gleaned in that time has undoubtedly made me the player I am today.

NYSE Vintage Open 2 – All 92 Decklists & Metagame Breakdown

NYSE 2 is in the books, and had a great turnout. With $100 entry fee just to get in the door, the field was packed with talented and dedicated Vintage players, and the results did not disappoint. There were established archetypes performing well, tweaks on existing decks, and new technology seeping into the metagame from different angles. Nick Detwiler (aka Prospero) has done a fantastic job promoting Vintage in the northeast (running tournaments) and online (moderating on TheManaDrain), and should be applauded at every opportunity for his hard work in the community, and his love of the format.

We’ve posted the Top 8 decklists in the first section, broken down all decks for a metagame breakdown in the next section, and then posted the full decklists from all 92 competitors in the final section (alphabetically, by last name, first name). To find a specific deck by player name or deck type, press CRTL+F to bring up the Find function in your browser, and then type in your search string.

Summer Starts with Magic – Announcing Prague Eternal 2014

(Editor’s Note: the following message is from a longtime reader and supporter of Eternal Central, who also is now organizing tournaments in Europe. Please check out this special announcement of a brand new large scale European tournament. Support Vintage everywhere!)

My name is Jan “ZUZY” Zuskac, and I am from Czech Republic. I have been playing Magic for about 14 years now. I started with Extended, and at that time I bought my first Japanese cards. Since that time I have been “pimping” my decks, and as the cards gets older they move into the realm of Vintage. I love Vintage, but it is not played as often as I would like, so I also play Legacy.

After I bought my first Power 9 cards I disappointingly found out that there were no Vintage tournaments in all of Czech Republic! That was about 7 years ago, but now there is the Czech Vintage and Legacy Series – 6 tournaments in Prague, Brno, and Pribram.

BoM Tournament Report – Top 8 with Forgemaster Workshops

My name is Rasmus Vium Fristed, an old school magic player and long time Vintage enthusiast (since 2001). I recently made Top 8 in the main Vintage tournament at Bazaar of Moxen in Paris, and thought I would share my experience. I originally meant to write a report for my fellow Magic players from Denmark in the hope of igniting the smoldering Vintage spark but instead decided to contribute to the global community and write the report in English.

The description of the matches may seem a bit excessive, yet I enjoy this kind of descriptions and hope that you do, too.