SCG Columbus Legacy Top 8 Report – Empty Belcher

Hello, I’m Geoffrey Moes, and I made Top 8 at the recent StarCityGames Legacy Open in Columbus on June 3rd playing Belcher with a sideboard consisting of fifteen Revised Islands.

This all started a little more than a week before, on Friday, the 25th of May. I’m no stranger to Eternal formats, but my choice format is almost exclusively Vintage. It was only with some persuading by my Team Serious teammates that I was convinced to participate in a Legacy tournament.

Jumping into this wasn’t an easy task, though. I had no deck, and worse than that, no real format experience with the Legacy metagame. It quickly became apparent that Belcher was the best choice, both to have a good time and also to minimize my interactivity with the format, giving me less opportunity to blunder into mistakes that a more experienced Legacy player would avoid. I spent an hour or so shopping around online for all the components that I was missing, which was almost of them. Bits and pieces of the deck arrived all week, and after the mail arrived on Saturday I headed off to Columbus, still leaving one Lion’s Eye Diamond floating in mail limbo.

So Many Insane Plays – The Legacy Doomsday Device Primer

For the last 7 months, Stephen Menendian has been toiling away in his Magic laboratory on a concoction that is certain to shake up Legacy. In this article, Stephen reinvents Doomsday in Legacy, just as he has in Vintage. Focused determination and meticulous refinement have produced a decklist and a deck approach that will blow your mind.

Stephen’s Legacy Doomsday deck overcomes many of the problems that traditional Legacy Doomsday decks face. It not only runs more countermagic than nearly every other deck in the format, but it is completely invulnerable to storm hate, Gaddock Teeg, Arcane Laboratory effects, and Leyline of Sanctity. It is blisteringly fast and savagely brutal.

This 33 page primer will provide all of the tips, tricks, and advice you need to learn how to play this monster, and will provide the 12 basic Doomsday scenarios you must master. If you buy any article this year, this should be it!

Bazaar of Moxen 2012 Legacy Decklists, Reports, and Video Roundup

With the Bazaar of Moxen 2012 Legacy tournament in the books, we are happy to report that it was the largest privately sponsored Legacy tournament to have ever taken place to date, with an awesome 724 players in attendance (breaking last year’s record of 633). This year the Top 4 decided to split the prizes, and your Top 4 as as follows: Nicolas Crepelle (Sneak and Show), Marc Duran (GW Maverick), Cyrill Terroy (Tempo RUG Zoo), and Simon Rouzé (RUG Delver).

Terroy Cyril of Paris, France won the Golden BoM 2012 Award, awarded to the player with the highest finish in both the Vintage and Legacy main events. Terroy piloted Tempo Zoo to a Top 4 finish in the main Legacy event, and played Dredge to a 15th place showing in the main Vintage event, netting him a playset of Underground Sea’s altered by the fabulous Sandreline.

The coverage teams from WatchDaMatch, Mana Infinito, and BoM were working hard all weekend to document Eternal’s biggest International weekend, and our many thanks go out to them, for without their hard work the information below would not be available. Below you will find the Bazaar of Moxen 2012 Legacy Top 8 decklists, videos from the coverage, as well as various BoM Legacy tournament reports from around the web, as well as some bonus decklists and information from other competitors who finished outside the Top 8. Check it all out after the jump!

SCG Madison Top 16 Report – Sneak and Bargain

Have you ever played with Necropotence or Yawgmoth’s Bargain? Odds are, if you like doing unfair things and have been playing Magic since Urza’s Block, or are a Vintage player, you’ve probably lusted for more cards and more power. The dark side of Magic compels you to sacrifice and trade your soul for power. Griselbrand is that dark side.

So Many Insane Plays – Avacyn Restored Eternal Set Review

So Many Insane Plays - Avacyn Restored Eternal Set Review & Updated Vintage Checklist

(Editor’s Note: This former Downloadable Product has now been made free to all customers. Enjoy!)

I. Introduction

Welcome dear Eternal player. It’s great to have you back as we dig into the final set from Innistrad block, and the last major set for 2012 until the fall. This is a huge set, with a bunch of playables, design innovations, and a fascinating, game warping mechanic. In this set review, I will take a look at every single new printing for Vintage (and in some important cases, Legacy) applications. Moreover, I will present you with a plethora of decklists that provide a context for each application. I have a decklist for every playable Vintage card in this set, and then some.

The enigmatic title implies a return to the place or revival of something known as “Avacyn.” Yet, this set feels very much in line with the path opened by Innistrad, to push and advance the development of creature-oriented strategies in the Vintage format. Delver of Secrets, Snapcaster Mage, and Grafdigger’s Case were each major printings aiding that trajectory. It seems that Avacyn Restored is giving one last push in that direction. The central figure in that effort is obviously Cavern of Souls, which is discussed prominently in this set review.

September 2011 Banned & Restricted Update Instant Analysis

The DCI has announced their quarterly updates to the Banned and Restricted lists, and there are some major changes in Vintage, Legacy, Modern, and Extended!

Fact or Fiction is no longer Restricted.

Mental Misstep is Banned.

Blazing Shoal is Banned.
Cloudpost is Banned.
Green Sun’s Zenith is Banned.
Ponder is Banned.
Preordain is Banned.
Rite of Flame is Banned.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor is Banned.
Mental Misstep is Banned.
Ponder is Banned.
Preordain is Banned.
Stoneforge Mystic is Banned.

These are some major changes to every widely played format outside of Standard (where Jace and Stoneforge are already Banned). What does this mean for these formats? Check out our Instant Analysis after the jump!

Tuning NO RUG Part Three – Unleashing the Hydra

Sometimes, you just have it. I remember playing a tournament match against Zoo where my opponent was one game up. I was playing NO RUG, as usual. It was the last round and we were playing for Top 8 so I really wanted the win. Naturally, I had Natural Order on turn three in game two and turn five in game three. I just won. Sadly, this is not always how it goes, and it’s not always that easy. Today, we’re taking a look at one of these stories where we don’t always have the perfect hand.

Tuning NO RUG Part Two – Mulligans and Sideboarding

Hey there, we’re back again this week with another look at Tuning NO RUG! In last week’s article I elaborated on the thought process that went into my recent version of NO RUG. This time we’re going to look at mulligan decisions and sideboarding plans with the deck.

I originally planned to include an in-depth analysis of an entire match against Bant Aggro, but it would be better to devote a separate article to that so we can look at some of the more complex decisions that go into match play with the deck, so be on the lookout for that next week! For this week join us as we jump into mulliganing and sideboarding with NO RUG!

Instant Analysis – SCG Boston & Spanish Legacy Nationals

This article is meant to be a short and straight analysis of the current state of the Legacy format according to the last 2 big tournaments: Star City Games Open Series 2011 – Boston (268 players) + Spanish Legacy Nationals – Alcoy (318 players). I’m not going to judge wether Legacy is a healthy format or not. I’m leaving that to you and to the community. Right now I’m just going to focus on the numbers obtained by the most played decks in these two tournaments.

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Discover what’s hidden behind the deck numbers right after the break!

Tuning NO RUG: What Would Kibler Do?

Hi there, y’all! I’m pretty sure you don’t know me, so I should probably introduce myself first. My name’s Jonathan Alexander, but call me Jona (pronounced like Yona by the way; I’m from Germany). I have been playing Legacy since shortly after Zendikar was released. From the beginning, I played Blue-based decks most of the time, quite often decks like Canadian Thresh or Team America. Team America was actually what I played for the first few months of this year. Then Reid Duke got sixth at the SCG Open in Boston with a RUG (Red Blue Green) Natural Order deck, and everything changed.

Gen Con 2011 Eternal Event News

Welcome to Eternal Central’s coverage of GenCon 2011! Scroll down below for Vintage and Legacy results as they stream in. We will be updating this periodically throughout the weekend as news, results, and tidbits flow in from the Internet and our friends on site, so keep hitting the F5 to refresh all weekend and keep it locked to EC for your Eternal news!

So Many Insane Plays – Legacy Checklist August 2011

Are you overwhelmed by the breadth of card choices available in the Legacy landscape? Would you like a concise list to help you navigate?

Author Stephen Mendendian is here to guide you through the Legacy card pool, and has constructed an awesome checklist of epic proportions, based on real world tournament results. Useful for anyone getting into Legacy, for the Eternal veteran, for the collector, or for the dealer or speculator making sure he’s not left behind – the Legacy Checklist is a very useful tool for all. This Downloadable Product contains a comprehensive list of Legacy playables, special notation for “staples,” and comes with both a long form list and an Excel spreadsheet.