1st MTG Barato Open will be covered by EC

Next weekend in Valencia EC will be attending to the first Spanish big eternal party of the year (not counting the GP of course): The 1st MTG Barato Open, and Eternal Central will be covering the event as its best.

Remember the tournament structure and prizes:

I still don’t know how much of a coverage I’ll be able to do. I believe it’s going to be hard to make a live coverage from it since my iPhone has broke down and lost, magically, his 3G connection (everything else works…). If I get my iPhone to work again you’ll be able to follow the event live from the Eternal Central’s twitter site.

EC has the privilege of getting the best spot for video recording the Top8 games from both Legacy and Vintage tournaments. This means that you can expect the best videos from the event coming online here, only at EC.

And it’ll be here too where you’ll read first about the top8 (maybe top16) decks from this huge eternal party.

MTG Barato is going to be the first big tournament with the new Legacy bans and unrestrictions (Is that a word?). Will a deck featuring Grim Monolith make it all the way up to the top8? No matter what, this tournament will write the first chapter of the new Legacy history books. Everything we’ve known and played since now belongs to the past. We are about to write the new Legacy’s present!

What are your predictions for both Legacy and Vintage events? Do you foresee a massive amount of MUD/Fish in Vintage? What about Legacy?

We wish good luck to everyone attending to this huge event! Stay tunned!