#GiftsWeek – Gifts Rector Omniscience

In continuing with our rollout of #GiftsWeek here on Eternal Central, I wanted to share with you a deck that has been drifting under the radar for the past year or so, and has only been strengthened with the recent unrestriction of Gifts Ungiven. A deck that can attack from numerous angles, and a deck that is no doubt the most fun I’ve had playing Vintage in years. That deck is Gifts Rector Omniscience.

GenCon 2014 Friday Vintage – Decklists, Metagame Breakdown, and Pictures

Magic at GenCon 2014 was a mild success, and the largest of the Vintage tournaments was held on Friday, August 15 2014. With the move of Vintage and Legacy Champs events offsite to the new ‘Eternal Weekend’ in Philly there were fewer players than in years past, but people still traveled from as far as California and the Carolinas in to Indianapolis in order to spar in the gentlemen’s format. Friday’s event drew 62 players to battle for an invite to the GenCon Invitational (where you win an all-expenses paid trip to next year’s GenCon), as well as various mediocre sealed product.

We’ve posted the Top 16 decklists in the first section, then noted all decks by player for a metagame breakdown in the next section, and then added pictures from our Twitter feed from our live coverage of the event in the final section.

July 2014 Banned & Restricted Update – No Changes to Vintage/Legacy/Modern; Cataclysm & Oloro, Ageless Ascetic Banned in Duel Commander

The DCI has announced their quarterly updates to the Banned and Restricted lists today, and there are no changes in any format.

The judges that run the Duel Commander Banned List(ie. ‘French Banned List’ for 1v1 Commander) have announced the following changes:
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is banned as a Commander
Cataclysm is banned

NYSE Vintage Open 2 – All 92 Decklists & Metagame Breakdown

NYSE 2 is in the books, and had a great turnout. With $100 entry fee just to get in the door, the field was packed with talented and dedicated Vintage players, and the results did not disappoint. There were established archetypes performing well, tweaks on existing decks, and new technology seeping into the metagame from different angles. Nick Detwiler (aka Prospero) has done a fantastic job promoting Vintage in the northeast (running tournaments) and online (moderating on TheManaDrain), and should be applauded at every opportunity for his hard work in the community, and his love of the format.

We’ve posted the Top 8 decklists in the first section, broken down all decks for a metagame breakdown in the next section, and then posted the full decklists from all 92 competitors in the final section (alphabetically, by last name, first name). To find a specific deck by player name or deck type, press CRTL+F to bring up the Find function in your browser, and then type in your search string.