Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 19: Talking Old School With Danny Friedman

Welcome to another episode of TuskTalk with Team Tusk. Today we have Evan Nyquist (HymnYou) talking with Danny Friedman (@danny_friedman_) of Chicago’s Lords of the Pit. Danny is one of the few people who have as much or more enthusiasm for Old School as we do. Chicago’s scene has grown tremendously, and we dig deep in Old School, and talk about some of Danny’s recent adventures at NoobCon, various Chicago tournaments, and the upcoming premier inaugural Old School Player’s Ball.

00:00 – Welcome to Dominaria
03:40 – Friedman Origins
10:00 – Here Come the Lords
14:00 – Magic Art, Qualudes, and Diablo Screenshots
18:00 – Fuck the Deck
28:00 – Murderworld and other Wacky Prison decks
33:00 – Nether Voids, Mana Vortex and other Misery
35:00 – Copy, copy, copy
40:00 – The Internet and Netdeckers
44:00 – Of Ships and Pirates
46:00 – Chicago area 93/94 Events
51:00 – Hit and Quit, the Legend of Ziggy and the Unmistakable Vape
55:00 – n00bcon
62:00 – Danny casts Rain of Salt
68:00 – Futures so Bright…
70:00 – Swedish B&R vs. EC B&R
73:00 – Strip Mine vs. Factory vs. Workshop vs. Library
80:00 – Channelfireball the Company, not the combo
88:00 – Player’s Ball
94:00 – Eternal Weekend
110:00 – Magic Anniversary
114:00 – Psionic Blasts Out
Total runtime: 2:11:17

Show Notes

Danny Friedman’s Blog, Understanding Ancestral
Old School Player’s Ball 2017
The O’Brien School of Magic
Old School on Eternal Central
Swedish Old School

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