So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 66: StarCityGames Power 9 Retrospective

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss the history and legacy of the StarCityGames Power 9 tournament series.

0:00:10: Announcements: Upcoming events, including NYSE V
0:03:00: New MTGO Weekly Vintage Challenge
0:11:00: GP Las Vegas Eternal events
0:12:30: Swedish Old School Restricted List Update: Maze of Ith
0:14:45: Old School Combo article
0:21:00: The beginning of the StarCityGames Power 9 Series
0:31:00: Storm 10 / Meandeck Tendrils
0:40:00: SCG Syracuse 2006
1:05:00: Trinisphere’s Restriction
1:20:00: Proxies and their effect on the series and format
1:24:00: The Legacy of the SCG Power 9 Series
Total Runtime: 1:27:34

Show Notes

Quarterfinals – Kevin Cron vs. Jeff Anand
Semifinals – Eli Kassis vs. Kevin Cron
The Two-Headed Finals – Kevin Cron
The Two-Headed Finals – Bob Kochis

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