TheMisprintGuy Magic Oddica – Chapter IV: Hair in the cards

Editor’s introduction: As promised last week, this week chapter of Keith Adam‘s Magic Oddica is bizarre! Keith is introducing us to a weird type of misprint: Cards that accidentally got a hair during the printing process. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

TheMisprintGuy Magic Oddica – Chapter IV: Hair in the cards.

This week I decided to cover something a bit odd, and that is hair found in your cards. Not quite as disgusting as hair found in your food, but it is still strange that remnants of Wizards’ employees have somehow found their way into the game.

First off, there is a hair found on a Magic card quite easily. When The Dark was being designed, a hair made its way into the template of the uncommon sheet, and copies of Runesword– a long forgotten artifact in the set- has a hair in the text box. Runesword is on the full uncommon sheet a total of three times, therefore one out of thee Runeswords from this set has this flaw. And no The Dark set is complete without this variation.

Click on the image to zoom for a closer look at the hairs.

Also, in a completely unrelated and isolated incident, a hair or two made an appearance on an Exodus Reclaim. Split ends and all, this hair was printed quite boldly on the card. Given the millions of gaming cards printed each year, amusing things like this can happen. Somehow I doubt the employees on the printing floor are required to wear hair nets. Until they do, amusing things like these could happen in the future!

I wish there was more to write on this subject, but this one just speaks for itself! Yuck!