So Many Insane Plays Podcast Episode 63: Where Do We Go From Here?

‚ÄčKevin Cron and Steve Menendian look at the recent Banned & Restricted List update, the 2017Q1 Vintage metagame, and what they mean for the future of the Vintage format.

0:00:00: Announcements
0:00:00: March 2017 Banned and Restricted List Update
0:54:40: Gitaxian Probe
1:07:00: Mental Misstep
1:25:15: Paradoxical Outcome and Gush
1:37:00: Preordain
1:52:00: Metagame Updates
Total runtime: 2:10:05

Show Notes

March 13 2017 Banned & Restricted List Announcement
Eternal Weekend Europe (Paris, France – 3/31/2017 through 4/2/2017)

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